Project 365 with iPhone – now GA!

On May 27th 2011, I started the Project 365. An image a day, for 365 days. It’s now complete! 🙂

AND, it’s with iPhone4!

Mainly because I don’t own any other camera. But also to check how often we can get by with just a mobile camera. 🙂

All the pictures are available here. (Am planning to change the P365 blog layout to show thumbnails instead of full size pictures, for easy review of all 365 at one go. Please bear with me and browse through pages meanwhile.)

Don’t miss some interesting comments and discussions on few of those photos!

If you’re wondering, Project 365 is a self-imposed photography assignment which needs a photo be clicked/ an image be made every day, for 365 consecutive days. Of course, for feedback and motivation, upload somewhere and share it with like-minded.

Most prefer to start on New Year’s Day, but doesn’t matter really, as long as you count 365. Or, whatever number you plan to hit. 🙂

Few noteworthy points:

  • About 95% of the photos are clicked using iPhone4. Very few times I used an SLR/ other cameras (for eg., while travelling, when the iPhone has no recharging options).
  • I posted 364 pictures. One day, iShattered my iPhone and though I clicked a pic or two, didn’t consider it for the Project. The P365 camera that made this project possible needed a moment of silence when injured!
  • All the images are not photographs (of course!). Some are snapshots, a couple are screenshots, and there might be a graphic or two.
  • I used Lightroom to process about (roughly) 70% of the pictures; Photoscape for 25% of them; Photoshop for 4% may be; and the remaining 1% might be iPhone directly or could even be MS-Office.

Lessons learned:

  • You don’t need a powerful, big, SLRs all the time to capture moments and make photographs. While a mobile camera will have its own challenges, it’s just fine most of the times.
  • Keep an LED torch handy! My Eveready INR 99 torch was the lighting source for most of the photos here! 🙂
  • You don’t always need to get a perfect shot the first time. Keep clicking; practice helps you to get there and capture what you intend.
  • It’s not as easy as you might think to make an image every friggin’ day, for 365 days!
  • You make some terrible mistakes and create disasters, and that’s OK!


Thanks to everyone who took time to check out the pictures either on my P365 blog or on Facebook notes.
Thanks to everyone who added comments and ‘Like’d the pictures.
Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about my work; some sugar-coated and some hit hard in the face, but thanks!
Thanks to all my models/ subjects! 😛
Thanks to all those who asked ‘Where is today’s pic?’ everytime we ran into each other. Worked as real motivation!
Thanks to my photographer friends (Bharani, Sajjad, Suresh etc.,) for lending their equipment when needed and being there to discuss ideas when needed.

Now that I’ve been very good all year and successfully completed the project, who’s going to buy me an SLR? 😛 😀

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