Project 365

P365 site on iPhone. Looking kool, eh?


Take a photo a day.

All year. 365 days.

Normally, such projects are started on New Year’s day; kinda New Year resolution I guess. But, what the heck?

After pondering over it for a long time, I’ve finally decided to get on now. What if it’s not Jan 1st, let me start 365 days from today!

So, there’s this setup now.

Ya, a new location just for the Project 365 stuff.

You can grab the RSS feed, subscribe to email or bookmark it and check everyday. Your preference!

You can also click “Project 365” link on this blog to get there. See on top? Along with Home, About and stuff? That’s the one!

If we are friends on facebook, you will also see my images everyday in your News Feed. Posting it there as Notes. I actually created a separate page on facebook too just for P365 but looks like it’s not working as expected. We’ll see.

Add me on facebook.

I would prefer you check out the daily image on P365 blog itself as I designed it to be clean and black. Also, on facebook Notes, image kinda looks small 🙁 And all that stuff around which I consider a little distracting. But as I said before – your preference!

Please do add comments to pass on your feedback. Because, this project is not a show off! It’s a legitimate learning technique. Either you add feedback/ comments on facebook or the P365 blog, am pulling all of them to blog for the record. Ya, that’s working now.

Oh, by the way – my camera for now is iPhone4. Most of the images you see will be from this device which also doubles as phone and many other things for me. So, it’s kinda always available for me to take pictures. If the ‘learning for the day’ is a post processing thing (for example, adding stuff in Photoshop), I might use an old picture too for that day clicked by a different camera.

All in all, let me get started with this. I’m excited!

If you got something to say, drop in a comment for me.

Update (May 26th, 2012):

Project 365 is now complete! View the pictures here.

4 Replies to “Project 365”

    1. All clicks won’t be from office. Just started the first with my desk. The others will be from home, travel locations, events, celebrations, roadside clicks etc 🙂

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