Review – LG Customer Care

Subject:  Review – LG Customer Care
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Dear LG,

Life’s good, in general. But then, I bought an LG refrigerator. I bet you know the implications after that. If you don’t, read my story here.

Grab a big cup of coffee, take a deep breath, relax and then read on.

Given my experience with your Customer Care in the last three weeks, I’m sure you don’t give a damn about my story. But again, I believe in the process of feedback, and it’s my duty to let you know where you suck. Whether you want to stop sucking is your choice.

Jumping right into the story, I bought a refrigerator in May 2010. I don’t care what the model number is, as I have just one at home. This appliance worked good for more than a year, and then gave up. The warranty was for the first year, so everyone knows it doesn’t create any problems during that period. My piece (I paid for it!) was kind enough to wait for 4 months after the 1 year warranty period to crash.

The compressor is the part that’s broken. Well, other than the fuse and a bulb, this is the only spare part I know in a refrigerator. I understand this is one such part for which you really can’t guess the life duration. For example, the one in my parents’ refrigerator is still good and it’s been about 5 years. Thank goodness it was not an LG appliance! And, I know my neighbor’s ALLWYN that’s been running good since the 1990s.

Technology sometimes goes bad and I can digest that. However, how you deal with the problem and restore services is important too. You failed here, with my refrigerator, and hence the story.

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  1. feeling very bad experience with the services of LG customer care center. having address 294, Patpar ganj Industrial Area, Delhi. I have registered so many times complaints on LG helpline number 1800 180 9999, but every time they are simply saying that with in 24 hours , we will solve your problem . But still we are suffering since last ten days because of your careless & neglected service that our refrigator is not working. we never ever expected that such a brand name products company give such type of poor response and not giving satisfied services to their customer.
    Lagta hai kisine yeh sahi kaha hai – ” Badi dukan phika pakwan “…. 🙁

    1. Hi Sudhir,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with LG. As you can see, I’ve gone through my share of trouble with the giant.

      By the way, if you are fed up and can’t fight your battle, you might want to use external help.

      I know none here and I’ve never used their services but bumped into this service recently. You might want to give it a try:

      Good luck in kicking LG’s ass!

  2. it is generally a malaise, right?
    india sucks, indian companies suck, their service sucks even more.

    i suffered with reliance internet card.
    to get that dang card activated, i had to show dadagiri in their office in tirupati. had to behave like a goonda to get that turd activated.
    root cause? some techie (like most of u here) said some “app” wasn’t working.
    i said “be*****od, tera pc reboot karke bataa, main yahin baithoonga”. and then everything works.

    and even if it did, it NEVER attained their promised download speed.
    i got my revenge though, i didn’t pay their last bill and made them make a 100,000 trips to my house.
    and i used that lawyer notice they sent me, as toilet paper.

    1. Malaise could be the right word. When something like this (an appliance/ device/ service etc) stops working, more than the worry of that service’s unavailability, this dealing with Support makes me sick.

      1.  i told reliance ” your card not work according to spec, i not pay. simple as that. do what you want to do”. that’s when that lawyer notice/toilet paper came in mail.

        maybe it makes sense to buy everything on installments? at least one can have some measure of control

          1.  Credit card companies like Visa/MasterCard have “dispute resolution”. You refuse the payment to Visa, Visa asks you why, you say non-performance of product/service.

          2. Sounds good in theory. Fact is, Credit Card is another service. So, along with the actual product idiots, you’ll have to deal with the CC idiots as well. Simple math means you have double the frustration and headache.

            IF the credit card company cooperates and is “on your side”, that is a good way to kick product’s ass. 🙂

  3. I think many of the big companies whose sales is strong has this service problem. They don’t have enough field staff to handle all the customer issues, the field staff have to attend few number of calls per day so they are not in a hurry as attending a call is not rectifying the problem.

    1. They better do something about it. Killing brand impression and value like this will have a huge impact on their sales/ business. For example, am NOT ready to buy another LG product now! 🙁

  4. To read this big article we need an interval with popcorn too 🙂
    You appear to be a nightmare to the LG people, scary so much so that they stopped answering your calls and the technician not knowing how to handle you turned off his phone 😉 anyways thanks for letting us know about your experiences, will keep this in mind when i buy my Next appliance..may be rule out this option 🙂

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