Rise or fall, media does it all

d2The role of media wherever, as unclear as it is, has been playing much worse part recently. Of all the news channels broadcast in India now, how many do you think just report unbiased news? Well, for commercial reasons, it’s obvious that they come up with entertainment programs sometimes; that’s their chance to earn a buck with commercials.

We have some good ones. IBN Live for example. I would call it a ‘quality’ channel. It does include ‘masala mix’ or ‘commercial content’ of course, however, within the limits. Tuning into this one gives me a feeling that I’m keeping myself updated with what’s going on in and around.
For some reason, running a story about a boy who wanted to propose love to his classmate and couldn’t do it, for 3 hours is not very appealing to me. (Believe me, I came across many such ‘top stories’ in STAR NEWS, the worst news channel I came across.)

I’ve always believed in the-thing-you-wake-up-to-makes-the-day concept. One achievement/ award/ good thing in the front page (print media) is going to inspire millions of people and make their day. However, it’s always been negative news that top the headlines. Death in some form or the other for sure! Accidents, bombs, suicides etc.

Well, I had these thoughts when I came across the media hype about Hrithik-Ash kiss in Dhoom:2. Anyway, am not sure who should change now (if at all a change is required). Should society change? Because this is what is expected and media is catering to the needs (and cashing, of course). Or, should the media change? Because that is driving an attitude and a way of living into millions of lives??

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  1. Hm… Again, am not a movie freak! So, don’t count on me for reviews as soon as the movie is released… But sure will post one when I watch (Dhoom:2 or any other movie for that matter)…

    By the way, if you watch any movie in the first week or two, we’ll post your review on the blog! Welcome 🙂

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