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My Phone ExplorerTo start with, I was looking for a program that allows me to send and read SMS from a PC (Actually, it’s from phone only, but I want to use PC as interface). After browsing through a few search results and reviews, I thought may be it’s difficult to read SMS on PC, real-time. So, I settled with the Microsoft SMS Sender. Just send. Read SMS from mobile itself.

Less than a day after I installed it at work and home, I was out again looking for more. It is a surprise to know what was in store for me. MyPhoneExplorer is what I discovered.
Here is why I like it:
  • I can read and send SMS from PC. Real-time! A popup/ baloon shows the new message notification. Replying is as good as an email, includes emoticons as well. Messages from other folders also can be managed (moved, saved, deleted, forwarded, archived) from the same screen. Am not sure you getting it- it’s awesome! [:)]
  • Organizer is as wonderful as it can be. Notes, tasks and calendar items can be edited from PC. However, this is not real-time thing. Phone or PC will be updated only after a manual ‘sync’. Neverthless, managing stuff on PC is lot easier and may be once everyday sync it
  • Contacts access is great. All numbers from SIM/ Phone can be viewed, edited, deleted etc. It even syncs and gives control to the extent of Photo Call ID, contact specific notes, Birthdays and all that additional stuff. Wow!
  • Call lists can be accessed too. Missed/ dialled/ received- as good as on phone. Practically not very useful as I use USB calbe to connect to PC. If you connect PC to Phone using Bluetooth or Infrared, calling works pretty cool
  • Answer/ dial calls from PC interface. Again, makes better sense if connected to PC using Infrared or Bluetooth technologies. There is a pop up to alert an incoming call too!
  • Files can be browsed and moved from-to PC.
  • Other information like the battery charge percentage, signal strength, provider information, IMEI number etc are displayed too
  • There is an option to open the phone key pad on the PC. With this, you look at your phone screen and control it from PC keyboard 😛
If your phone is compatible with the application, get on it now (freeware) and appreciate me! 😀

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  1. If your phone is compatible, all you need is 10 secs to connect to PC and 60 secs to download and install it.


    My be another 60 secs to set preferences that will save 10 mins minimum everyday! 😛

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