Silence please!

no_cell_phones_allowedI clicked on ‘Reply’ and was thinking for few good sentences to convince a client. He wasn’t happy with the explanation I provided earlier and was getting irate and unhappy with the services we provide. I was carefully re-reading his email and composing a message. From nowhere, I heard a loud “Crazy kiya re!” and was startled! It took few seconds to realize that it was somebody’s mobile around. I gave a “answer the phone quick!” look at the guy. But, he was already having a “who the hell is this calling me now” look on his face.

I experience this nuisance more than once everyday, more often than not, while I’m concentrating on the most important task at hand. Most of the times, the interruption will be when at work. However, even in public places like lifts, waiting rooms in an office/ hospital/ theatres, I appreciate if people have their phones in ‘silence/ vibrate’ modes. Don’t talk in elevators. Don’t talk in buses or trains. Any place where people are cramped and space is limited, don’t talk. You make no friends that way.

I was surprised to know that few don’t answer the call immediately so as to ‘flaunt’ their phone and the ring tone! Cheap tricks! Further, some don’t know how to put ringer to silence. Mute and then continue to stare at the screen to remember who that is or for whatever reason! And these are the ones who wouldn’t go for a simpler model. They need a N Series or Cybershot/ Walkman series. Why not go for basic models which suit the level of understanding and usage?

Technology does give an advantage of mobility with advanced features. However, what’s the use if basic/ common sense is not in the big picture? There comes a time in any technological revolution when some basic guidelines need to be laid down. I personally feel like carrying copies of the text below and hand over one whenever I come across the uncommon sensed people.

  • If people around you don’t have the option of ‘not listening’, you shouldn’t be talking. E.g.: elevators, busses, trains, waiting rooms etc.
  • When in public places, please use silence/ vibrate modes to receive calls/ messages. You wouldn’t want to use technology even if present for convenience purposes? Don’t flaunt your ring tones!
  • Public performances, meetings, training, theatres (silence mode is considered little okay here, but you anyway can’t talk), switch off the phone.
  • Driving and phone, NOT OK! No dialing, no answering, no messaging, nothing doing. Complete your call and hit the road, or pull over when you receive a call.
  • The ones with Bluetooth devices; remove it from your ear when not talking. We don’t know whether you are [talking] here or there!
  • If signal is weak, don’t talk louder or shout! Mobiles don’t work with your pitch/ voice levels. We have some wireless technology involved.
  • Don’t try to impress with your mobile. When you do that, we know you just started using one and you’re not a veteran. You have a long way to go!

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  1. This is real good…hahaha”If signal is weak, don’t talk louder or shout! Mobiles don’t work with your pitch/ voice levels”

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