jerry-seinfeldOne advantage of working in 9pm – 6am shift is I get to watch FRIENDS and FULL HOUSE (Z Café) in the evening and again, another episode of FRIENDS and SEINFELD (STAR World) in the morning. Other than that, there is nothing fancy about it. And, if someone’s wondering why I still work in nights, that’s a topic for another post sometime later.

Anyway, coming to the point, the gags from Seinfeld are very logical, and this is one I watched a couple of days ago. It’s about suicide. Here is the gist:

People normally won’t give up anything they do. They try again and again until they succeed. It could be taking a test multiple times, attending numerous interviews, or anything for that matter. But, how come when failed in a suicide, they don’t try until they succeed? Is life any better after one [failed] attempt? Of course, not! There’s one more thing that they stink in life at! Keep trying until there is success! What more is important than achieving a goal set for oneself?!

If poison doesn’t work, try a rope! Or a knife!

Oh, my! 😉

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