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Sunglasses are wonderful accessory that bring class to your look as well as protect your eyes from UV rays and dust. In winters, sunglasses help you to protect eyes from wind chills and frost.

Polarized sunglasses with anti-reflective coating help you to dodge glares in night. For a country like India where dust and Sun are up for the entire year, these are must-have accessory.

Like apparels, sunglasses too are meant for different shapes and different occasions. People often find it difficult to get a flattering piece of sunglasses according to their face cut.

The shape of your face is the biggest criteria to get a perfect pair of shades. The size of your face and size of sunglasses should be proportional. The frame should soften your jawlines, complement your face overall and reduce attention to prominent facial features.

For instance, people with long face should go for wide frames. If you have a large face, you should not go for small frame sunglasses. Oval face shapes are symmetrical and several shapes suit them. With soft and curvy sunglasses, people with square face cut can reduce the attention from the strong facial angles.

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