Hampta Pass Trek – Reality Check

Crossing a water stream

Is it easy? Is it suitable for first time trekkers? This is the reality check from the Hampta Pass Trek. My view, my experience and my long time dream come true moment! Quick, top 10 noteworthy points from the trek in The Himalayas.

Ease of the trek:

Many sources we checked with indicated that this is a very easy trek. This list includes a few websites [of the companies] that organize treks, few people who have been on treks before, etc. Either we were too excited to listen to, or may be we were never told so, but the truth is: it’s not an easy trek. Well, easiest of all the treks in The Himalayas, but not an easy one in general.

There were more than few instances when we were thankful that the initially planned 12+ group didn’t make it. For the three of us who could make it, our ego was our strength (Shiva- Well said!). If you have to do it, what other options do you have, other than doing it?? Unless you have that passion for adventure, there are fair chances that you will get pissed off and be mad at everything and everyone around!

If somebody is keeping score: You need prior experience to enjoy this trek. It’s not a cake walk. It’s rock walk!

Images from the Hampta Pass trek

A long planned adventure finally came true in July 2011 – Trekking in The Himalayas!

Bharani is working on the travelogue; stay tuned to experience the magic!

Meanwhile, here are the images from the trip: Hampta Pass Trek images.

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