How to report traffic violations through WhatsApp

Think twice before violating traffic rules when the police are not around. A fellow citizen might click a picture of you jumping a signal or riding without a helmet and send it to the traffic police. Afterall, if there is an option to use WhatsApp to report violations, we all know people would love to use it to the fullest!

Of late, Hyderabad traffic police have been getting information about traffic violations ‘with evidence’ from the public on social media.

You can report traffic violations to Hyderabad & Cyberabad Police through WhatsApp. Launched in 2015, many citizens actively use it to complain, report, suggest and update by sending information. It can be messages, images, and videos relating to Crime, Women Harassment, Eve teasing, Traffic, Law & Order, etc.

How to Report

As reported in the news by The Hindu here, Hyderabad Citizens can report the violation by posting the photographs of law-breakers on their official Facebook page and Twitter handle ‘HYDTP’.  You can also send it on WhatsApp to the traffic police on 9010203626. WhatsApp Cyberabad number 9490617444 is listed here.

“While uploading the photographs of the violators, they must mention the type of violation, location, date and time, so that we can forward the same to official concerned for issuing e-challans with evidence,” Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) said, adding that registration number of the vehicle must be visible in the photographs.

How to Check Your Violations and Pay Fines Online

Do you know you can check online to see if there are any challans agains your vehicles? You can also pay the fines and clear those online. Detailed instructions are provided here.


2017 complaints summary

There are videos making rounds about earning points and converting those into cash deposits, but am not sure if that’s true in Hyderabad. The Award-winning initiative in Goa rewards the contributors with a two-wheeler and has received much appreciation and accolades.


Have you reported any violations so far? How was your experience?

How to check and pay your traffic challans online

Here is an online utility from the Hyderabad Traffic Police computer systems to enables you to check your violations record and monetary fines (challans). Click the following links to check the e-challan status. or alternative link 1 or alternative link 2.

How to make Payment for E-Challan

You can make payment of your e-challan online by making use of Credit Card through Payment Gateway and clear the e-challan or challans pending against your vehicle.

In order to make payment of e-challan pending against your vehicle, you need to first visit the above mentioned site ( and check for pending e-challan against your vehicle.

  1. Enter complete number of your vehicle including the missing zeros.
  2. Enter the Vehicle Number in this format: AP09AB0009
  3. Incorrect Formats are: AP09AB009, AP09AB09, AP9AB9

Once you have checked the Pending e-challan against your vehicle, then go to the following site.

  1. Click on Register and Enter all your details with a Username and Password.
  2. Once you have Registered then go to again.
  3. Click on Pay Bill or Go to
  4. After Logging in Click on “You want to Pay Hyderabad Police Traffic Challan Click Here”.
  5. If you do not see the above option Click on the tab at top left side “Add More Services” and Select Hyderabad Traffic Challans Or Cyberabad Traffic Challans.
  6. Enter your complete Vehicle Number in CAPS, total length of any vehicle will be 10 Words and Numerals. For Ex: AP09AB0009, It includes all the zero as mentioned in your RC.
  7. Once you enter your Motor Vehicle Number and click Submit then you will be shown the list of E-Challans pending against your vehicle. If there is no E-challan then you will see “Invalid Registration Number/Challan already Paid”.
  8. When having Multiple E-Challans, you can select all of them at once and click Submit. Total amount payable will shown in the box as shown below. 
  9. After clicking Submit you will be redirected to the following page where you will shown the complete amount. Click Submit to proceed for payment. 
  10. Once you click Submit above you will redirected to ICICI Bank Payment Gateway where you can proceed to make the payment.
  11. Please note it takes 24 Hours to update your payment at E-Challan Server.
  12. You can also make payment for other services such as GHMC Property Tax, Telephone Bills, Broadband Bills and Electricity Bills.

Important Note

Always keep a record of your payment transaction. Keep it as a Screenshot, PDF or Note it down. Sometimes the payment does not reflect in the respective department such as Hyderabad Traffic Police, Cyberabad Traffic Police, APCPDCL, GHMC or Other services. This detail comes in handy to you at that point in time.

Note: The facility to view violation images online will be available to e-challans generated after 1-May-2013. If you wish to see the Violation Images for E-Challan generated before 1-May-2013 you have to visit the Traffic Police Station mentioned in the E-Challan.

The above instructions are also available on Hyderabad Traffic Police blog, with few screenshots.

If the above links do not work for someone down the line, here is the landing page. You can click the top-left icon “e challan status”. I am not sure how consistent and updated this database is but you can sure run your vehicle number and verify.

How to report Bribe Incidents of a Traffic Personnel?

This is what Hyderabad Traffic Police says on their blog:

“We have and keep suspending Traffic personnel on the basis of complaints received against them. A inquiry is conducted against them and if they are found guilty they are removed from the service with penalty. Let us understand how the whole process works, we cannot suspend a personal just because a person on Facebook or any other Online Platform says he is corrupt, for the simple reason that the cop can go to court and get his suspension revoked rendering the whole exercise useless.

A written complaint is needed to take action, evidence accompanying it also needed. The evidence can be the Individual giving the complaint. The whole process takes its due course in the courts and appropriate action is taken. If you are complaining means you should be ready for inquiry and ready to appear whenever it is requested. Other wise we can not judge who is at fault. We can not go by your version or our personnel version and judge the issue.

As a part of the society one should also not promote bribing and follow rules. An individual should pay fines for the violations and request for and take receipt of the challans. You can report the incidents at traffic helpline number 9010203626 whenever a cop is asking for bribe.

We do not support corrupt practices and corruption in our department and ask everyone not do the same. By paying a bribe or bribing a personnel from any government department you make our job difficult to keep the system clean.”

Do you know you can report traffic violations through WhatsApp? Details here.

Happy riding, happy driving!

Top 10 posts of 2012 on ‘My two cents’

Last month of 2012 was ‘off the grid’ mode and ‘out of office’ schedule for me. First half of the month was spent in organizing my wedding and getting married, and the second half of December was for honeymoon and to get over ‘wedding hangover’.

So, here is the top 10 list that rolls out every year during the last week, albeit a few days delayed.

Latest and best addition to my site in 2012 was a section for my Wedding! I also changed the name of the blog to ‘My two cents’.

You can also take a look at similar lists from the last couple of years: 20092010 and 2011.

And now, the list of 10 key posts for 2012 on my blog – My two cents:

  1. 30+ observations in 30 days – Ford Figo
    I bought a Ford Figo in June 2012 and this post was published about one month after that. It is a list of my observations about the car. Ford released another generation of Figo after my purchase, so the discussion in here is about 2nd generation vehicle.
  2. 7+ security features of Ford Figo
    Looks like there are a few Figo enthusiasts on the web, as this is the second post I published, to explain further on the ‘security features’ of Figo. Search keyword analysis shows that many are curious about the door locks (practically absent).
  3. To hell with you – Jabong!
    My two cents about the growing online shopping site. Many seem to like and appreciate the effort by Jabong but my first two orders were screwed up and it’s difficult for me to agree with the lot.
  4. A drive through the Eastern Ghats
    Our vacation in 2012 was a long drive through Eastern Ghats for 3 days covering a lot of forest area, Araku valley, Vizag, etc.. This post lists the places we covered, pictures from our journey and a route trace of the path we traveled. What a wonderful drive it was!
  5. Hampta Pass Trek – Reality Check
    Our vacation in 2011 was a week’s trek in The Himalayas through Hampta Pass. This post is a first-hand experience ‘reality check’ that is informative, especially to those who are planning to experience the once-in-a-life-time adventure.
  6. Airtel and the proof of address
    This was a post from a very long time ago when Airtel pissed me off with their documentation policies. Since then, I’ve trashed the Airtel mobile number, bought a new set for my family from DoCoMo and after a year or so moved on to Vodafone with MNP. Good traffic to this post indicates that Airtel is still pissing people off very bad!
  7. Review – LG Customer Care
    LG is one company I’m seriously going to stay away from for a long time. My sincere recommendation to you all: Don’t buy any appliance from LG. Unable to deal with their cheap service stock and just to get rid of LG, I ended the relationship and threw away my refrigerator.
  8. To Zoomin, with love
    When I become a victim of a bad Customer Service and have no choice but deal with few idiots like LG and BlackBerry, I complain, crib and vent out on the blog. But again, when I see some good folks around, I share the love too!
  9. Hyderabad City needs to Kill Car demand to decrease Traffic Congestion
    This one is a guest post by Pragati Prasad addressing traffic situation in Hyderabad. I’ve shared my views too about the situation before.
  10. BlackBerry: My action is to – kick your ass!
    Bad Customer Service is not new to me. But given the name and impression of BB, this was a shocking experience. I’m still surprised how BB has corporate customers!

There you go!

What else did you find interesting on this blog? Let me know.

Wish you all a successful year ahead! 🙂

10 things that would change the face of Hyderabad Traffic

We definitely have a big list for which Hyderabad is great for. At the same time, Hyderabad Traffic is something which can’t be ignored when talking about not-so-great things. If I had any/ all the control to regulate and improve the Hyderabad traffic situation, I would recommend the following. These are the top 10 initiatives I think can seriously change the face of Hyderabad traffic monster. You can of course beg to disagree/ differ, in the comments. Here is my take on the situation:

  1. Better roads: Let us give the commuters something good so that they can reciprocate in a similar way. As everyone pays the lifetime vehicle taxes, it is expected to have better road conditions. While Highways  around the city are taking better shape, thanks to the long approved implementation of Vajpayee’s idea of world-class Highways and golden quadrilateral  (of course a separate toll charge is levied on the respective routes), we need to make internal city roads ditch-free, better pave[mente]d, and safe. This includes better rain water management and corrosion too. Let’s measure our road quality in terms of Six Sigma stats, dpm; just that we call it here ditches per mile instead of defects per million.
  2. Parking: Provide ample parking space, of course at a price. Once this is taken care, illegal parking on the road sides can be tackled with heavy penalties. I am sure within no time, people will stop occupying roads that are meant for traffic flow. But again, the key is to provide ample space for parking at as many locations as possible. Even the regulations to the business establishments to provide parking for it’s customers has to be implemented. Setting up a shop or a theater on a busy junction with no space for parking has to be strictly opposed. No parking for customers; no business.
  3. Public transport: Increase the frequency and number of public transport means like city buses and local trains. This is an attempt to make people leave their vehicles at home and make use of risk-free, safer transportation system. If the volume and frequency is increased tremendously, I am sure everyone would appreciate the convenience and cost-effectiveness compared to the self drive and fuel/ maintenance of cars at least, if not the two-wheelers immediately. If I have a bus at hand in every route any time of the day or night, I would definitely reserve my car for long drives and out of the city trips only. Won’t you?
  4. Car-pooling: This is a secondary idea to promote for people who work in the same office/ area and hail from same place (or, on-the-way) for example. While providing irresistible public transportation will make everyone think twice about using their own vehicles, this can be promoted to use fewer vehicles if unavoidable. Of course, this saves some effort and money for the commuters too, apart from the tremendous contribution to the ‘better traffic management’ effort.
  5. Awareness/ traffic sense: How much ever hopeless/ fruitless the efforts go, there has to be an optimistic drive about traffic awareness and safety. Woh bhi ”vinamratha” se. 😛 There has to be workshops for all the drivers who lose the license because of a set number of violations (law enforcement below); encourage corporates to spend a day every year in regulating traffic (what best can help us identify the pains than being there dying to control it?); reward/ appreciate anyone who has helped drive the sense into public by dedicating time, effort etc.; case studies made public to make people realize the advantages and wear helmets and seat belts; drive the point that few seconds at red light is negligible compared to the lives ahead to live!
  6. Law enforcement: Awareness is the objective. However, everyone should know the downside of not being able to participate in the game. Any odd stubborn traffic rule violators should be dealt with very strictly. If monetary penalty is not part of the picture, it’s my assumption that the enforcement will be much more effective. And if the (N)SSN or equivalent can be rolled out (I think it’s already in place, but just on papers), tracking individual’s driver’s license information can be fool-proofed. Allot points like other countries do and after certain limit, the license should be seized. If someone is caught violating any rules, just don’t let the person go for 12-24 hours. Period.
  7. Promote health and best practices: This is easier said than done, however, an idea never-the-less. An indirect way of promoting this is taking care of the other points mentioned in this article; make commuters think twice about using their vehicle with awesome public transportation, earmark space for parking and put a price for that, make better pavements for walking etc.. An impression should be planted that makes each one take a walk (or perhaps pedal?) to the nearby drug store/ supermarket than preferring a vehicle.
  8. Traffic police corruption: This will be the most toughest part to tackle. It’s not uncommon that many get away with violations by just bribing the traffic police as low as Rs. 20! and this has to stop. It’s difficult to make a system work if the law enforcers themselves show paths for get-away. I would start with looking after the traffic cops first; pay them well, look for better qualified man power, given the polluted work environment all day and all night- provide health facilities and insurance for the cops and their families. There has to be greener things to look at for being a traffic cop and stop them think about bribes. AND, once this is addressed, screw the ones who give in to bribes so bad that the first dozen should be the only violations in the record. These examples should make everyone else refrain from anything close to corruption. We can do the same point system that works for license cancellation that eventually affects the employment itself.
  9. Information center: There has to be a place for easy access for all the information anyone is looking out for. Similarly, it has to be very easy to contact any authorities for assistance. Advertise online locations, mobile numbers, normal SMS options (not the premium charged mailboxes) for easy access. I would love an online complaint location as well; last month an aunty (AP 9 BC 1000 white Santro) hit my car and shrugged as if that’s what she does day in and day out. I need an easy way to complaint against her for the hit-and-run scenario/ reckless driving. We have to prove that sighting a traffic cop anytime is a relief and welcome to get help and not troublesome!
  10. Heavy vehicles: We need complete by-pass roads for all heavy vehicles. This already is in place for most part of the city but is not very effective. Heavy vehicles should not be allowed through the city at any time of the day or night (unless they are destined to Hyderabad for any business purposes, which is unavoidable as of now but surely something can be thought about this too). The existing ring road or the outer ring road (hope somebody is still working on that one) should play a major role in diverting heavy traffic. Once industrial areas/ suburbs of Hyderabad are now part and heart of the city, and we have to expand the territory and change the limits too.

Bonus: Restructure RTA: It’s time we upgrade the RTA completely in a corporate style. While bits and pieces have already been restructured, automated, centralized and computerized, more than half the staff that work there hardly can use the systems. It is not considered success until anyone can walk in to the RTA office and have a vehicle registered or a license obtained within a couple of hours maximum, and with no mediator ‘consultants’ to get the job done. If the manual RTA staff involvement can be minimized, it’s not just a success, it’s a hit!

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Picture courtesy: Sudhakar Komakula.