B(l)ank calls

How many calls do you receive from banks every day/ week? Irrespective of the number, bank calls sometimes are as annoying as blank calls. Most of the callers [banks] want to know if I need a credit card. Any answer wouldn’t stop them from talking further. I would say, most of them won’t even listen to what we say! All of them have a standard paragraph, features of the card I guess (I’ve never concentrated, either!) that they have to complete before the call is over. And irrespective of our response, they always ask “Are you interested? Shall I send my executive?”

I’ve finally figured out a few ways that can keep them away from me. My favourite is, I tell them that I do have a Credit Card already from some bank or the other. They will need the [latest] statement as part of the documentation, may be to check the past record if my bills are paid on time. I simply refuse, saying it’s ‘confidential’. Some even tried convincing me: “What happens saar? Its just bank document no? Please give only xerox copy no?”. I asked for their credit card numbers just like that. They wouldn’t want to disclose their’s because it’s ‘confidential’ again! Why the hell would I have to disclose mine??

True, not to blame the reps calling us, but I guess all banks need someway or the other to increase the customer count. And this is the most annoying! And answering atleast a couple of calls everyday is quite an inconvenience for me too!

OR, there’s another idea. If you have some rep still insisting that you give them some documentation/ an appointment to their executive, ask for their home/ personal telephone number.

Am sure they would refuse/ object to that. Just add “So it’s okay you call me on my personal number but I can’t call you?”

More often that you’d think, that should make them understand. 🙂