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7+ security features of Ford Figo

After I published my ‘30+ observations in 30 days‘ about Ford Figo two days ago, I noticed a few search terms related to the security features of Ford Figo, and enthusiasts landing up on my observations page. As that post does not cover the security/ safety features in detail, to save them some disappointment, here is an attempt to cover what I know about the subject.

This is a list of safety/ security features in Ford Figo, not in any particular order, from various sources (my observations, user guide, discussions with Ford staff, arguments with service staff etc.)

Note: Currently, Figo is available in 4 variants – LXi (low-end), EXi, ZXi and TITANIUM (high-end). All 4 variants available in Petrol and Diesel versions.

  1. ABS with EBD: ABS is Anti-lock Braking System and EBD is Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. Available only in TITANIUM. If you’re interested in  technical explanations, hit Wiki (Explains ‘How ABS works’ and ‘How EBD works’).
  2. Smart Programmable Keyless Entry: With this feature, you can program to open just the driver’s door, or all doors when you press ‘unlock’ button on the key.
    To do this, press and hold lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for 4 seconds.
    Available in the top three variants (only LXi does not have this feature).
    Don’t consider the term ‘keyless entry’ in it’s true sense, as I initially fell for. Because, you still need to use the remote on the key as usual to open the door(s). It was my assumption that the door(s) are unlocked automatically when you get closer to the car. Apparently, not.
  3. Intelligent Central Locking: The doors get automatically locked when the vehicle reaches 7 kmph speed.
    Make sure you read the confusion  about the door locks after this complete list.
    Available in the top three variants (only LXi does not have this feature).
  4. PATS (Passive Anti-Theft system): Some manufacturers call it iCATS and Ford calls it PATS. The purpose is to immobilize the vehicle when an intruder tries to steal your car with an unauthorized key (any key other than the two you receive from Ford when you buy the car is treated as unauthorized).
    The key that comes with the car has a small chip inside it that talks to the car when you start the ignition. When the intruder tries to replicate the metal part of the key, access to some extent can be gained (door lock, for example), but after that PATS enters the scene.
    Depending on how intelligent the intruder’s technology is, he/ she might be able to break in, start the ignition and even run/ move the car, however, only for a short distance of 10-15 meters. After this short distance, the fuel channels are blocked and the car stalls. It just refuses to run/ move.
    When this happens, you will not be able to run the car again as usual EVEN WITH YOUR AUTHORIZED KEY. Ford has to come into picture and fix this for you. This might include, depending on the situation, towing the vehicle to the service station, clearing those blocked fuel passages, or even changing the key.
    This PATS is activated as soon as you [stop the ignition] remove the key from it’s position in the steering column. You can notice a small red icon blinking in the dashboard that indicates the PATS functionality.
  5. Airbags: Only the TITANIUM variant is equipped with airbags. It’s only front airbags, for both the seats.
  6. Child Safety Locks: Standard on all variants. Available for the two rear doors.
    As expected, when the child lock is ON, you cannot open the door from inside. However, you can open it from outside as usual.
    One design aspect I noticed different about child lock operation in Figo is- you have to turn it ON or OFF using the key. Any metal object can work too, but the observation is that it’s not a lever like I’ve seen in other cars. It’s inside the door metal groove and you need to insert the metal object (best fit is the Figo key) and tun it ON or OFF.
  7. Auto hazard blinkers: When in high speeds, if the brakes are applied to slow down the vehicle drastically (a.k.a “sudden brakes” or “emergency brakes”) the hazard blinkers automatically go off to warn the other vehicles on the road.
  8. Seatbelts – Basic security. Expected. Still, worth a mention: 3 Point Seatbelts for Front & Rear Seats. You get only Lap Strap for Rear Centre Passenger. All this, I guess is standard design in all classes/ models/ manufacturers and is nothing different here. Available in all variants.

Now, about that faulty door locks:

Not even a single person at Ford so far knows how the door locks are supposed to work. Not sales people, not store managers, not service heads, not customer care, not housekeeping staff, not security guards and not even the Figo security designer, if there is one.

Every-damn-body starts their conversation with “7 security features” of Figo, and stop after “doors lock automatically when the vehicle reaches 7kmph speed”. Nobody knows whether the doors should or should not open when the vehicle is in motion, say, at 100 kmph.

If you start your discussion with “Why do the doors open as usual even when the vehicle is in motion?”, they say, “it’s per the design sir! You should be able to open your doors whenever you feel like. In fact, it is one of the security features in Figo!” What is it again? Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

And, if you start your discussion with “I’m unable to open the doors when in motion, why?”, they say, “of course, sir! Why the hell would you want to open the door when the vehicle is moving?? That’s one of the major security features in Figo! We make sure that you and your kids are always safe!!”

If anybody ever wins an argument with Ford regarding this, please please let me know! 🙂

One more thing!

Most of the cars have sound notification for lock/ unlock operation. So, the same thing shouts out loud if someone breaks in with a duplicate or unauthorized key. It’s very easy to test too: lock the car with remote and try to unlock the door with key. More often than not (read AUTOCOP), the security alarm goes off.

Figo has no such alarm thing. So, am assuming, if someone manages to open the door lock, they can sleep in your car all night (or steal your stuff) and you wouldn’t know. PATS will come into action only when the car is moved. Again, I didn’t get a chance to test this, and therefore this point alone is just my assumption. IF you have any info, please add a comment to let me know.

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