Funny Tweets about Blackberry

BlackBerry: My action is to – kick your ass!

There was a time when I considered Blackberry (BB) as a very valued gadget. Everyone I knew back then who used a BB was rich, powerful or critical to businesses. To me, it will always be a “business” phone.

Now that we have other options, people who still use BB, in my opinion, fall into either of the two categories: they need to use it as part of their job role and IT policies, and those who like it too much to explore other options and are loyalists – like the way I feel about iPhone.

The first one is changing, and very fast – for e.g., new Yahoo CEO replaced BBs of all her employees with iPhones/ Androids; and, White House started supporting iPhones where BB was standard considering its security. The second category is coming down in numbers drastically too, pretty evident when BB reported losses. If BB 10 is not going to be impressive, it will be a history. Read more here.

Anyways, when a colleague needed to buy a new phone recently, we zeroed in on a BB Curve. However, not for the reasons BB is very well known for: security and email. We thought BB would be tough enough to survive falls on hard floors and probably a dip or two in water too. After all, IT departments in some companies circulate BBs for 4-5 years and they still work, don’t they? The feel of pride that we’ve used a BB before it vanished once for all is only a bonus reason.

Of all the brands, I never expected BB to turn out faulty. This brand new piece worked for just 3 days and died! I’ll consider that unfortunate; these kinds of surprises are part and parcel of technology. But, that’s just the beginning. This story is about how BB handled the episode after that.

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Airtel and the proof of address

Update – 26-Oct-2010:
If you have landed here to know about Airtel’s announcement to launch 3G services in India, click here.
As per the Government of India, Department of Telecommunications Notification No.1-34/2006-VI (Pt I) dated 30-09-2009, all mobile operators are required to re-verify their subscribers for correct and complete information by 31-10-2010. If you need the list of documents accepted by Airtel, this might help a little.

I recently noted on facebook regarding the new Airtel application for broadband. Based on the few responses, it appears that Airtel has some policies and standards that make no sense [to me]. I’ve blogged about Airtel before regarding a Customer Care incident. Read the article here. This is another experience. I wonder how companies with glitches like this (also ICICI) make it to the top Innovative companies list.

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