Telangana agitation – The Bad

As we now understand The Good side of the Telangana agitation, let’s take a different perspective and look at The Bad side of it.

If you need to refresh on the reasons why need a separate state now, please read the previous post one more time here.

Now, the list that I think tags the movement as bad:

  • Resolution for the quoted problems: The problems currently put forward are problems in general. Though the numbers look a little different when compared with respect to other ‘regions’ in Andhra Pradesh, there aren’t many issues that cannot be resolved now.
    Think of less number of schools and colleges for example; If the number is too low in a particular Telangana district, I wouldn’t blame the Chief Minister and the government to start with. (Congress government is completely crap, but more on that later.) What are hell are the local MLAs and MPs doing? They can’t get a school approved and established? If the answer is no, there, you have an incompetent leader in your area. This same fellow is going to be responsible for your ‘development’ even after the state is formed. In fact, now you can go to a different place for education if feasible because it’s the same state. After a separate is formed, you’ll have to study in ‘different’ state!
  • Irrigation: It’s true that the districts classified as Telangana are less productive when compared to rest of AP. However, it’s the geographical limitation that water can’t flow to these areas and Telangana crowd accept this too. But the blame still goes to ‘Andhra’ CMs that they developed their own regions by diverting water with the projects. Well, we did have Telangana CMs too rule our state. What the hell stopped them to spare a bucket of water from the river to your land? And, you don’t think the technical difficulty will still exist after the state is separated? Rivers ARE flowing through the region now. You wanna stop the rivers at the Telangana borders and NOT let the water flow to other regions? 😀
  • Employment: So, all jobs should be offered to ‘local’ people before you look for ‘outsiders’, huh? Are you able to successfully fight for the cause now, IF you think, in the first place, that the concept makes sense? Are all the jobs in AP done by AP population itself? What about the skilled personnel we have here from all over India? And, if you’re competent enough, come score a position. When we have a ‘job’ requisition, we want some work done, some task accomplished there, not just send a salary home. With the complete pool of talent in AP, the fate of our government is like this; think of our own Telangana government with near-zero competent leadership! AND, on top of that, placements based on locality, NOT skills/ eligibility. Yeah, my dream! :-
  • Quit Telangana: The funniest of the complete movement is this! 🙂 What the hell do you mean by asking so called Andhra population to ‘leave’ Telangana? And even more funnier and ironical is: people in US and other countries supporting the ‘quit telangana’ crap. You have no shame in staying and earning your livelihood in another country (not even a different state in the same country, a different country in a different continent altogether!) but you don’t like Andhra and Seema area fellas living in Hyderabad? That too when the separate state decision is in no shape! It’s still stupid but worth lending an ear IF Telangana were a separate state. But now, am sorry but it’s cheaper comedy than the Gemini Comedy gags!
  • ‘Want’ Telangana?: I say- “go take it!” What do you mean by “we want Telangana”. It’s right there, beautifully laid out in the Andhra Pradesh map. Use Google Maps and find it if you can’t locate it. It’s you who live there, do whatever you wish to do. Who’s holding you back from developing the region? If you think government is partial to the other regions, go question your local MLAs and MPs. They are the ones who should be addressing most of your issues. This fella can’t do anything now but lay red carpets once Telangana is a state? I don’t think so.
    When you stop my car on the road and claim ‘We want Telangana’, think about this: I don’t have it at home. It’s right out there. Go take it and leave normal commuters alone!
  • Map issues: Frankly, I haven’t tried out every country’s map in the world but from the few I look at, India has the most beautiful map. And, Andhra Pradesh map within India has such a graceful presence! Why the hell would anyone want to carve another shape out of this beauty?
    To be honest, check out the Telangana region map alone –  it looks like two days old samosa!

By the way, I was checking out a few websites to write this series of posts and this is what I came across when I wanted to visit You don’t even want others to visit your website? With this, the complete movement looks like an illegal underground business!

And that’s why the Telangana agitation is Bad. Stay tuned for The Ugly!

It all started here.

24 Replies to “Telangana agitation – The Bad”

  1. Hi Vivek,

    I completely agree with your comments on this issue. There are a total of 119 MLAs and 17 MPs from the Telangana region. If they are not able to develop the region for the past 50 years, then the fault clearly lies with the people of Telangana. They have not chosen the right guys to represent them. Blaming Coastal Andhra or Rayalseema is plain foolishness. I am sure the region will deteriorate further with leaders like KCR who are just playing with the sentiments of the common man for his selfish gains. We should do our best to stop this and help them in every way possible.

    United we stand, Divided we fall.

    Subhash G

  2. @Sunil Reddy-

    “Nehru gave a constitutional right, If Telangana people think that under united state were not developed and neglected they can break merger and form own state Telangana.”

    break merger – Nehru didn’t outline the process to follow to break the merger? I am sure organizing bandhs, burning up buses and trains, damaging tank bund statues was not recommended by him.

    “I got lot of things to talk about Telangana if you would like to know.”

    You can write a guest post on my blog if interested. Am sure my handful of readers will get a different perspective, especially after I publish the ‘Ugly’ part of it!

  3. Good posts about this so called movement…I totally agree with you Vivek…

    I happened to watch a phone-in program with KCR where he answered the questions of the callers…
    When asked about his plans to develop Telangana if its (if at all) sanctioned, he skipped answering the question with some rubbish.

    Even I think how nice it would be if I had a pistol ;)…seriously I did…

    I want to put a lot here but unfortunately am a little busy…however, I couldnt leave without dropping a comment…

    Will post making some time…It surely needs a good amount of time…

    1. @Gurajala-

      Thanks mama! It gives me more confidence to know that there are few others who agree with me.

      May you have a pistol very soon! 😀

      And take some time to pen down all you have to say.

  4. Hi Vivek,
    Telangana people have suffered a lot ever since AP state has formed, this area is one of the most backword place in the country along with Khali Handi (Orissa). People from these regions are exploited a lot. What a pity thing here is ,there were so many intelligent people became ministers from Andhra region, but they failed to provide even a minimum necessary things to Telangana region. This is a naked truth. If they have done this earlier, your thought of MAP has some value, but they have not done that. So, now I think it is too late, instead of blaming Telangana people let us understand their problem and try to give a solution being an intellectual.
    As an Indian, that is what we are all supposed to do. We all have to work together and make Telangana state a great state, by not letting this state to go in wrong hands.

    1. Hey Ravi, how are you?

      Sorry I missed to reply to this comment. Good to know that you’re visiting my blog now and then! 🙂

      I agree with you regarding suffering and the under development. Again as you said, many intelligent people ruled the state. If none of them were able to cater to the needs of the Telangana region, it is awful to leave them now. If there is a separate state, there is no one to look after things. All the while if no Telangana leaders were able to develop the region, how will just making a separate state enable them develop it? This is a crisis time for Telangana. Being intellectual would be to keep the region with AP and separate it when they are good to be on their own. It’s like raising kids.

      Anyway, that’s just my opinion. As you know I don’t really care for the movement. If people need a separate state, let be it. All I am concerned is the ‘means’ to get it separated. As long as there is no public inconvenience and damage to public property, am good.

  5. This shows your true face Mr.Vivek, If some one comments on your false statements you remove their comments. Grow up Mr.Vivek, if you can’t face the truth then stop spreading false.

    Jai Telangana

    1. Dear Sunil,

      Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my blog!

      On wordpress blogs, we have a setting I enabled where first comment from any individual should be ‘approved’. As this was your first time, comments were ‘pending’ my approval. I was a little occupied over the weekend and didn’t get to the blog. Apologies for the delay!

      Hope you see all your comments now – I approved all your comments. And this point forward, your comments on blog will be live the moment you submit them, given you use the same email address.

      I will also get to your individual comments shortly.

  6. By the Way, if you can’t even click on Jai Telangana. How come you care about Telangana people whom you say brother for the public sake.
    If you think there is illegal activity in why don’t you just click on a button and check no one is stopping you.

    1. @Sunil Reddy-

      I belong to Telangana region too. I can ‘jai’ Telangana or I can ‘boo’ Telangana. It’s not the matter of whether or not I ‘click’ on Jai Telangana to enter or Decline and close the site. If you need for any record keeping, I did both. And of course as you too agree, no one can stop me if it’s just a click; the new Wireless Microsoft mouse I bought is doing an awesome job for me!

      The set of population who are fighting for a separate statehood for Telangana already know why they need a separate damn state (few, hopefully, if not all). So, you actually need to explain the cause and reason to people who DO NOT know what this crap is all about. If they are not welcome on the site, !@#$%^&.

      1. It all depends on individual and their own belief. You just can’t say some one to do what you like. If that is the case if some one ask you to stop posting somethings against Telangana will you stop? When you resist its the same with the other person too. You can’t expect people to do what you like. People do things what they like and what they believe in. If you want you can persuade them but if you use foul language then you will get more.

        1. “You just can’t say some one to do what you like. ”
          “You can’t expect people to do what you like. ”

          Looks like you don’t believe in your own ‘beliefs’. If you believed in the above, you wouldn’t actually tell me that 😀

          “…if some one ask you to stop posting somethings against Telangana will you stop?”

          If you need for record keeping, no. I will not stop.

          However, I will take this opportunity to mention yet another time that I am not against Telangana and am not posting anything against it. Please accept my sincere apologies if any of my text has given the impression. As part of our discussions, if you want me to confirm either side, I would say I don’t find it right. Hey, but that’s just me!

          The public nuisance on Hyderabad roads is what I hate. Let it be Telangana or not, all my frustration is because of the disturbance.

          1. I 100% believe in myself and there is no doubt in that. And please don’t sweat on that.
            I was talking about the website and you are talking on something else.
            forget about it.
            if 10Lakhs of people can come to one place for one cause it’s time to think on that and not on small silly issued. Look at the big picture.
            Thanks for your reply.

            Jai Telangana
            Jai Jai Telangana

  7. What a pathetic article with all false and lies. First get your fact right before wring on an cause. with half baked knowledge people like you will make havoc between two region people.
    You want to write ugly side next week. First your self is in ugly side by spreading false and wrong facts to people. Not just Ugly but you can have a superlative degree on this side.
    My response.
    1. Resolution for the quoted problems: Many time leaders & people from Telangana region raised this issue but no use. Instead of stating new institutions they took away JNTU from warangal to Hyderabad and many places. In Semmandhra and Telangana merger agreements, funds raised from one region should be used for the development of that region only. Leaving Hyderabad, Telangana region generates 60% of state income and this should be used in region development but none were used.
    2. Irrigation: China and many mountain places got good irrigation system. Infact during Kakatiya dynasty they build 20,000 tanks to supply water to Telangana region. How much it would be possible at this time with technology. The reason is Seemandhra people don’t want to develop that is the reason.
    3.Employment: If you didn’t like local jobs for local people they why the hell you Seemandhra leaders agreed for Gentleman’s agreement. In our merger rules Mulki rule was one of the key points in agreements.
    4.Quit Telangana: Telangana people never said Quit Telangana. Indians got right to stay where ever they want to and no one will say Quit Telangana. If you love to leave Telangana you are most welcome. Don’t sell wrong propaganda to people.
    5. ‘Want’ Telangana?: With your thought on this it shows how foolish you are and it also show that you can’t even understand other people sentiment and demands. All you want to hear from other people is what you like. We Want Telangana means that we want Telangana as separate state. If you can’t understand simple thing how can you write on this cause and Telangana fight. My sympathy for you..
    6.Map issues: It might look graceful from the top view, if you come to the ground people are suffering in Telangana region under the same map. Map shape is not important, important is people’s life. If people life is miserable then hell with the map and all bull shit.

    Vivek first know the history of Andhra Pradesh before you wring . Know what is Gentleman’s agreement, What were conditions of merger, 610 GO and many more, then if you write your views it would be nice.
    Merger of Seemandhra and Telangana is like a business deal. If people of one side feels that merger is not working then they got right to break merger. This is what happening and Telangana state will be formed.

    1. @Sunil Reddy

      I should thank you for taking a lot of time and clarifying a good deal of content about the movement. I really appreciate your efforts here and your endeavour to achieve a separate state.

      Having said that, let me justify my article.

      I am not against the Telangana movement. I quoted in my previous article as well that I particularly have no opinion in this matter. Some people are ‘for’ and some are against and that’s understood and established. Now, am slowly inclining towards ‘against’ because of the ugly shape the agitation is taking. I live in Hyderabad and I can feel the damage every time there is a bandh, or the most recent incidents in the ‘million march’. When the face of Hyderabad is changing for worse, it hurts me; if not more, the same magnitude of hurt that you experience for the negligence and underdevelopment of Telangana region.

      Coming to your comments: The points I wrote are not false and definitely are not lies; these are my opinions. Some agree with me because we are sailing in the same boat. Some disagree for whatever reasons and I understand that too.

      I am a little uncomfortable with your statement “…spreading false and wrong facts to people…” Well, if it is a fact, there is no ‘false’ fact or ‘wrong’ fact in nature. It’s a fact, and it just is.

      1) I see that Hyderabad is currently demanded to be part of Telangana. Well, if JNTU was moved from Warangal to Hyderabad, I don’t see any problem there. It is still part of Telangana. However, if a separate statehood is granted for Telangana and Hyderabad is not part of it- this (the movement) can be a huge mistake. You will lose JNTU to another state. So, in pure math, you lose. Either you should stop demanding a separate statehood if you’re afraid that you’ll lose Hyderabad, OR, take good care of Hyderabad because it’s a part of your would-be state. Why damage Hyderabad is my only concern. If this continues, am afraid no benefit is guaranteed, but loss for sure is assured.

      2) Hats off to China and bravo Kakatiya dynastry. Technology can help us water every plant and crop in all the 9 (?) districts of Telangana. However, politics wont let us get there. If our current leaders are not capable of handling their own constituencies, having one of them rule a state is like asking 7 yr old to drive an audi. I’m sure he will learn and drive well, but I definitely don’t want to be in there when he drives it. And moreover, poor audi- I’m a little concerned about the car too!

      3) Your phrase “you Seemandhra leaders” gives me a hint that you assume me to be part of a so called Andhra area and therefore I am against Telangana movement. I hail from Mahaboob Nagar district and I’m inclining against the movement because I find the means to achieve the objective not acceptable. I know what Gentleman’s agreement is and also what Mulki rule is. All I’m trying to say is: in my opinion, it’s foolish. I would prefer to be a gentleman and demand development in my area than use Gentleman’s agreement as a bahana and stay away from ‘murki’ (dirt) than play the Mulki card now.

      4) I heard KCR wanted to put up a wall on Vijayawada highway after all Andhra area population goes to their places to Pongal and not let them back to Hyderabad. That’s holy sh*t. If you too believe that Indians got right to live wherever they want, I agree. Cheers! There is no propoganda and definitely no sale.

      5) Thanks for your sympathy, I really need it. I can accept to some degree that am foolish, because am still entertaining every Tom, Dick and Harry on a Telangana bandh every alternate day. Only if I had access to a wrought iron pistol, I would have used an excel sheet to count the number of idiots I kill who stop my vehicle and demand ‘we want Telangana’. If those bast**ds KNOW they need a separate statehood, I would hope they know that I am not the officer of ‘seperate state sanction committee’ or something. You now see where I got the foolishness? I am just learning along the way, and thank you for the knowledge sharing!

      6) Here is a link from the site for the word ‘pun’:
      Happy Learning!

      And, I am more interested to take care of the current situations and future plans than learn history now. The current and the future are some day going to the history sections and I am striving to refine the content now. History can always be reviewed. I just do not want to screw up my present because there is so much history in the library.

      1. You can’t even control your own emotion when some one stops your car and shouts for separate state. You even address people who are part of agitation as bast**** and wants to kill them. You can’t bare a car stop, but expecting people to be in peace even though their jobs are stolen by Seemandhra, water passes their fields but they don’t have water to drink, florid victim people should be quite even they suffer. Every one know that Andhra Pradesh is developed state but you forget that Central government said that 9 districts of Telangana is backward.

        People started little violence after 10years of peaceful protest and you forgot all t hose years of peaceful protest . Congress said in 2004 that they will give Telangana if they win. People believed them and voted and they won, when they won they shown their back to us. KCR resigned many time for Telangana and Telangana gave him a big majority. TRS MLA’s resigned for the cause of Telangana and there was elections in those areas, During that time Congress and TDP parties said that their are not against Telangana and will fight for Telangana. Again Telangana people believed them and some of TRS seats went to Congress and TDP. In 2009 elections idiot CBN said that he had a intense survey and every one from TDP and people wants Telangana and he will form Telangana state if he wins. People voted TDP in elections. You know how Congress and TDP didn’t even got deposit in recent elections. That shows people strong demand of formation of state.
        People used their vote power and shown their support for Telangana still there is no difference. They got only one way that is come on to streets and do protest. Some times people might get angry and that might turn into violence. If you just look at the violence and forget 10yrs of peaceful agitation then I am sorry for you.
        I am reply to you for only one reason and it is because you are from Telangana region. My reply would have been different if you are from Seemandhra. We should be united and we should fight for us, for our brothers and sisters. Our Fathers suffered and our generation is suffering under united Andhra Pradesh and don’t want next generation go through same thing.

        A simple question if you fell that Seemandhra and Telangana region people are brothers why all districts of Telangana are backward and all 90% of Andhra districts are flourishing? Just think when you calm and don’t think with any predetermined mind. You will get answer.

        Jai Telangana
        Jai Jai Telangana.

        1. Thanks brother for all the details. I appreciated you before and am appreciating you now. You do have some real insight into the movement.

          Another point worth mentioning yet another time: I am not against the movement. The reason that I don’t find it worthy shouldn’t make it worthless. You have a reason and you fight for it. I have no intent or interest in taking sides.

          “Some times people might get angry and that might turn into violence.”

          This bothers me because I am a victim.

          You have so much to say because you consider yourself as a victim – all the negligence, under development for the region etc. So, you speak up and call NCB as id**t and all Seemandhra people what not. Because those are ‘bad people’ for you. They caused you distress and frustration.

          For me, the ‘bad people’ are those who do not respect the Indian constitution and cause nuisance on roads. All those who stop me every other day and keep me away from my daily chores.

          I belong to Telangana. Specifically, Mahaboob Nagar and you should know the situation there even when compared within Telangana. However, even before being part of Telangana, I am part of AP and more than that I would be happy to be identified as an Indian. Every individual who doesn’t respect Indian constitution is — well you tell me what.

          1. I really admire you on many aspects. Yes, there is no doubt that I am first Indian then what ever is next. I die for India and I dream and work for India to be No.1 in all aspects.
            I am sorry that you have become a victim of this movement. I understand your situation and people change based on their life experiences. I don’t know what happened to you but I can understand from your writings that there was something really bad had happened to you. I know many people who suffered a lot under United Andhra Pradesh. You are from Mahaboob Nagar and you know what is the life condition of Farmers and water resources. Krishna river passes in heart of Mahbood nagar and still this district is worst drought hit area. I think you remember rajolibanda. Our leaders fought for the water and there was no response from Seemandhra but people of Kurnool attacked Mahboob Nagar people with stones and weapons. I still remember that scene even though I was not there, I watched it on TV. Water is very small topic I am touching on.
            My friend who had PHD degree and was trying apply for professor seat in one of our medical colleges in Telangana region. The principal or who ever head of college was from Andhra and even though my friend was well qualified he was not willing to give him the post. He was trying to give that post to some Andhra candidate. How can he give a post to a non-local candidates. This was against constitution. Even water issue in Mahboob Nagar or in any Telangana region is against Indian constitution.
            Out of all seemadhra people who are working in government jobs 90% are working in Hyderabad or Telangana region are against Indian constitution. There are well qualified people from Telangana region to fill that post but they are not considered because they are not Seemandhra people.
            Under Andhra Pradesh Seemandhra people are doing all against India constitution. You go to secretariat you will not see Telangana person in top post, forget top post not even as officer. Even though if a Telangana person can manage to become a office he will not be there for long time. But, all the group 4 post are given to Telangana people. They use that Group 4 post and tell people that these many people are working in secretariat.
            If you are really worried about Indian constitution, Seemandhra people never respected Indian constitution. Mulki Rule, 6 point formula, Gentleman’s agreement, 610 Go, name they broke all rules and they never cared about Indian constitution. All they care is about them and their people. Seemandhra people never considered Telangana people as part of them. We are always alien to them.

            You got me wrong, I never hate Seemandhra people. I like and understand Telangana people. I am addressing on our problems and want’s to see developed Telangana. I want my next generation to live in his full potentials. There is big difference between loving something and hate something. I love and like Telangana. India is also formed by people. If people are not happy under this forced merger state we got constituting right given by Jawaharlal Nehru. When we were forced to merge with Seemandhra to form Andhra Pradesh, Nehru gave a constitutional right, If Telangana people think that under united state were not developed and neglected they can break merger and form own state Telangana.

            I got lot of things to talk about Telangana if you would like to know.

            Jai Telangana
            Jai Jai Telangana.

  8. Good One ra.. Me too cant wait for ‘The Ugly’.. How ever I can see some of the ugly things that these protestants did.. breaking the pride of Telugu speaking people. Damaging the idols of the people who showed the existence of Telugu and region. I strongly doubt the capability of Telangana region leaders of ruling telanagana.

    1. @Vishnu-

      It was the ugliest of all probably, damaging the Telugu pride!

      There is no doubt about it. There are no leaders to rule Telangana, IF a separate statehood is granted.

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