Telangana agitation – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It’s been more than a while that the term ‘Telangana agitation’ has become a synonym to trouble.

It cripples normal life and the face of Hyderabad has changed forever!

If I were in school now, probably I would have liked to get a holiday once every few days; but, it’s no fun with the ‘Telangana Bandh’ now! Forget the word ‘fun’, am killing myself to get the purpose!

Every time I hear about stuff related to ‘Telangana’, and more often than not, it’s of course ‘bandh’, there is a routine we have to go through (need not be in the same order):

  • Spend at least a few minutes in front of the TV to understand the ‘severity’ (magnitude is what we need, damage can be taken for granted)
  • Scan for news and talk to people just to check if ‘everything is okay’
  • Wait for a communication from HR to understand the ‘business as normal’ decisions. Hope for an exception concerning traffic situations and possible riots
  • Lucky are the ones who have the ‘Work From Home’ option. If not, ponder over the career switch, or company jump options for a moment
  • Check fuel levels and bump up to ‘tank full’ and that project can’t be completed without waiting in long queues at the end of day
  • Call family members before going to bed the previous night, just to remind them to ‘be careful’ and ‘commute with caution’, and avoid stepping out if at all possible
  • Where there is any medical related appointment for anyone in the family, just hope that everything goes fine on the way up and down, what happens at the hospital is secondary
  • For people with kids who attend schools, can’t even think of the process threads running in their heads

This is just an outline of what comes to my mind when I think of the agitation.

Just out of curiosity, was looking up the word ‘agitation’ in the dictionary. Option 2 sounds right and I hope it is carried out that way. But I do like the Option 3 from, for that seems more appropriate for what I have been hearing.

Anyway, for the next few days, I’ll dig a little deeper and try to understand ‘The Good’ part of the Telangana agitation, if there is any. And then it’s just an opportunity I’ve been waiting for to vent out ‘the Bad, and the Ugly’ part of it.

Stay tuned!


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13 Replies to “Telangana agitation – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

  1. @Sunil Reddy-

    “I personally not gaining anything when Telangana state is formed.”
    Rest I assure. No body is going to gain anything šŸ™‚ Everybody who thinks ‘others’ will gain needs nothing. And these people who need nothing are ‘fighting’ for no people who need something.

    “You are just looking at the temporary loss that is happening because of the movement.”
    ‘Loss’ is ‘loss’. If you can refine your movement with no temporary loss, you might get more supporters and people will actually listen to what you want to say. Considering this ‘so called’ temporary loss, I know many heads that turn in irritation about the cause.

    “No revolution or movement in this world happened without violence.”
    I thought you were a good history student when you mentioned kakatiya dynastry or something like that before. šŸ™‚ Not my business here, but, India has gained a good significance with the non-violence movement. While this agitation is not doing any good to anybody, it’s even damaging some of our history books!

  2. why we need other Telugu state. once compare to “TAMILNADU”, those people have more self-respect
    where compare to us. they will feel “they want separate TAMILNADU country”.

    1. @Narsimha Murthy-

      I do not care much right now if Tamilnadu wants a separate country. I do care about Andhra Pradesh because I belong to this place. I see no future for Telangana as a separate state; this movement concerns me as a person of the region.

      1. You care only about your benefits. As you belong to AP you don’t want state to be split into 2 parts . What ever happens to the country you don’t care. This show how selfish you are. Even though you know that Telangana people are suffering still they have to stay in AP as you are from this region. Irresponsible comments and statements.

        1. @Sunil Reddy-

          I confirm I care about my benefits only. That is not a secret which attracts a reward if discovered. Why do you think people from Telangana are demanding for a separate state? As far as I know it’s not for liberation in Libya. Nor to help Japan to recover from the crises. They are fighting for their own benefit only. And, that’s correct. Any normal person should do the same. Only figures like Mother Teresa strive for other’s well being.

          What’s happening to the country if AP is not divided now? We’ll save a few hundred crore rupees and Hyderabad will not lose it’s charm. Those are good things, and not bad.

          If the same energy and efforts used by the Telangana supporters now to create all loss, havoc, damage, nuisance and all that sh*t is used for the “suffering” issue; it would be long done by now. Cheap politicians at high level exchange heavy suitcases and the so called “sufferer” looses what he currently has, and takes what others have too, by means of these agitations. Rest assured, even after the state is formed (IF!) there is not one person who can heal the suffering. They invested huge amounts to create the confusion and stage the killings etc, so, they need 5-10 yrs to balance their accounts.

          1. There is difference between my benefit and our benefit. When we say only my benefit it’s selfish and this is good for your personal life. When we talk about the society self benefit will have least priority. Here Telangana is not my personal benefit, I personally not gaining anything when Telangana state is formed. But my brothers and sisters of Telangana will benefit a lot in quality education, drinking water, water for irrigation , employment, quality life, etc… I am fighting for those people. Under Andhra Pradesh Telangana region people were treated as second standard citizens. If same Telugu people can’t respect us why the hell we stay together. Don’t forget this merger was conditional.

            You are just looking at the temporary loss that is happening because of the movement. But generations are suffering here because of forceful merger. When it come to social issues I put peoples benefit over my personal benefits, that how we can grow together. It would be selfish if you say that I care only about myself and that is bad to India on whole.
            If our father of our nation Gandhi would have thought selfishly still we would have been under British rule. In this world there is no issues or point that is accepted by everyone. You have to see larger percentage of peoples demand. Just think what happens if Telangana state is formed without your predetermined mind. I think Congress is doing wrong things by dragging this issue further. No revolution or movement in this world happened without violence. There would be violence if people’s patience is tested to their maximum and there will be a breaking point for everything so as Telangana ppl patience. I

  3. When we partitioned on linguistic basis, I still don’t understand on what basis do we need to have a separate State called ” Telangana”, is it anything do with language..they still speak Telugu.
    I think the person who started this off late had no clear vision so got stuck at agitation, and the common man suffers….

    1. They do have a vision from their side of the story. They need more money and ‘working’ for it is not a typical Telangana type. Once there is a separate state, control will be with them so they can loot as much as they want. What they don’t realize is that the happy days will be over in 2 months and everyone will be back on streets again.

  4. pratyeka telangaana tarvaata pratyeka miyapur kosam fight raavaali….tuesday powercut endukani ani aalochiste miyapur ki jarigina anyaayam gurtostundi…Plan already ready chesa….ippudu mana colony vaallani ekam cheyyataaniki (rechagottataaniki…pichekkinchataaniki ani kooda anukovachu) konni vastuvulu kaavaali….konadaaniki vellali….andulo first Miyapur Thalli vigraham tayaaru cheyyali…adem pedda problem kaadanuko….manaki elaagu road lu lev kaabatti…akkada matti tho tayaaru cheddam anukuntunna….
    adi ayipogaane ‘beer’ahaaradeeksha cheddam anukuntunna….

    Jai Miyapur Thalli….Jai Jai Miyapur thalli…..

          1. If you support Telugu talli even though we got Bharata mata then you can’t object others talli feelings. If they feel that they fell their area or region as talli as we do (telugu talli) they got right do it.
            What if some north India questioned you that we got Bharath Mata why you want Telugu talli? I expect you support Telugu talli too.. so this will be applicable to other as well.

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