Telangana agitation – The Good

I owe myself this explanation and so I worked a little to get to the bottom of this. I did not work with full heart’s content and am glad about it now; being mad about the agitation is different but finding not much sense in the movement itself is definitely something.

Talked to a couple of friends who support the Telangana movement and discussed with dad to understand the insider’s perspective (my dad supports the movement but not the means by causing disturbance to common man’s life to achieve a separate state).

If there are any other thought flows starting in your head, I hail from Mahaboob Nagar, the largest of the Telangana districts. As I don’t care for most of the reasons quoted for a separate state being crafted, I kind of have no opinion on the movement. However, every time I face problems due to bandhs, rail rokos, am made inclined against the movement. And of course, hence, these posts about the crap.

Anyways, these are the reasons (The Good) for wanting a separate state now:

  • Problems: These are the problems faced by the Telangana population now. This is a page from website. It is a list of stats that highlight how the region is falling behind.
    The Problems.
    When the dream of the separate state comes true, all the people there will sit down and resolve those.  The site uses inline type of page linking, so you will get just the page, with no headers and stuff.
  • Irrigation: Another page from the same website that talks about the bad stuff that happened to the region. It’s admitted that the region is at high altitude and water natural flow is not possible. However, given the rivers and the projects in the region, more land can be brought under cultivation.
    Irrigation issues.
  • Employment: If there is government dedicated for the region, there would be lot of employment opportunities available for the literate. It would be a restriction to employ only the ones from the state until saturated, so anyone who can read and write is an officer responsible for the governance in some form or the other. Efficiency is not the question here, just consider whether or not they take a salary home and feed their family.
  • Education: Compared to other regions in Andhra Pradesh, there are less funds allocated to the region and therefore less schools and colleges. Once we have a separate state, THEN we can build more institutions and increase the literacy rate, quality of education etc.
  • Accounting: There is more income generated from the Telangana region, proportionally, than the other regions in the state of Andhra Pradesh. However, only a small portion is spent on the development and betterment of the region. Once we have the separate state, all the money generated CAN be used in this region only.
    P.S.: Hyderabad is part of Telangana. Telangana will not be accepted without Hyderabad; that’s where most of the money comes from. Andhra people will be driven away, IT giants might continue to look for alternatives, but still, Hyderabad SHOULD generate income, you’ll have to wait and see how.
  • Timing: Andhra Pradesh government is in the weakest of the forms possible. This is the only time that suits best for burning trains and buses, blocking rail tracks and roads, cooking and eating on roads, creating chaos AND still get away without any legal complications. Can’t imagine to fight for the cause in Chandrababu’s time. He’s gonna kick some serious a**. So, there is a need for a separate state (for the above mentioned reasons) and it has to be NOW!

So, there you go! Convinced why the movement, now?

If I hear about any more reasons, will update this very same post. Keep checking once in a while and add your thoughts – agreements or disagreements in the comments.

Will come back with ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’ in a short while.

It all started here.

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