Telangana agitation – The Ugly

This is the final piece of the series I wanted to write about Telangana agitation. Some of you are waiting for this post to share my sorrow, some of you to pounce on me and call me names, and may be some more to just enjoy the drama. The wait is now over.

If you haven’t already checked out, here is the beginning, The Good and The Bad. Don’t skip the comments – I learned something from some of those!

And, by the way, congratulations! I heard that Sonia Gandhi ‘sanctioned’ Telangana state and it will apparently be formed in June/ July. While I am not excited to be part of the new state, I am more than excited for nuisance-free Hyderabad. I sincerely hope this nonsense sees an end.

Diving into the topic, here is why I consider the agitation ‘Ugly’ (I still don’t give a damn about the cause of the movement, it’s the means that’s bothering me! I’m tired of telling this time and again, but just want to be clear):

  • Governance: As observed in the previous article, AP government is in the worst of the forms possible. There is no competent leader; no one here is capable of making decisions on their own; CM has to follow every word from the ‘High Command’ (we are currently living under dictatorship in disguise) and administration has touched lowest levels possible.

    The confusion within congress added more drama.That new party by Jagan and stuff. While this ‘an opportunity’ for Telangana activists to create full ‘halchal’, government had definitely failed to protect the normal lifestyle a common man deserves. (What the heck, Roshaiah opted for “Work From Home” for more than half of his career as CM!)

    Anybody remembers how Chandrababu Naidu handled the RTC strike in 2002-2003? That’s called administration. Some call him names but if he has kicked your a** why wouldn’t you?

  • Bandh: We had so many bandhs in the last couple of years, even kids associated the word ‘holiday’ with ‘Telangana Bandh’. I asked my friend’s 2.5 yr old daughter the other day why she was not in school (play school). It was a Sunday but she answered ‘Telangana Bandh’. Isn’t that sad?

    ‘Bandh’ is a form of protest. If people like what you believe in, it is a voluntary cooperation you get from them by joining your protest and keeping their businesses/ institutions closed etc. Who the hell gave you the right to block roads and stop a commuter? Check out the speech by Jayaprakash Narayan in assembly. (More on million march below).

    You crossed the line when you disrupted a common man’s daily schedule who does not believe in what you are staging a protest for. You are an idiot right there. Again, I wish I had a pistol or something to kill every idiot that creates havoc like that. You might have your own reasons. But now you also know what reason I have to take care of you!

  • TG license plates: The hell with your own state and code. TG is a cute code if you want all the vehicle registration numbers to start with that IF, goddammit, IF you have a separate state. Let’s forget all the rules and roam around with no plates at all; after all it’s our freakin’ state. Who has the guts to question us?

    However, meanwhile, (until June??) for my vehicles now, I paid taxes to ‘AP’ government. It’s the ‘AP’ Transport authority who issued the registration card. If you really dare to change all the  ‘AP’ license plates to ‘TG’, go hack the RTA systems and give me an RC with TG number on it. Sit in front of the Transport minister’s office and get approval for TG series.

    Until then, every individual who wrote ‘TG’ on any vehicle so far is a criminal. You are no different than a pick-pocketer. You are as cheap as a chain snatcher. You are a threat to the society. You are spoiling something which government uses to monitor law and order issues. You should be shot right there and dropped into a near by manhole. You don’t even deserve last rites!

  • Million march: If you don’t know what bandh is, I cannot expect you to understand the concept of ‘march’. You take permission; you have a starting point, and stage a protest for whatever you think is reasonable that you need to get/ achieve, and ‘march’ towards an end point.

    It shows how many people believe in the cause and how many care to involve in achieving whatever you’re protesting for.Why did you have to stop regular traffic all around the city? Even bandh doesn’t allow you to do that, forget a march protest!

    And poor Telangana supporters believe that the area as a separate state is going to be green and prosper and rich and what not; when a huge damage to Telugu pride has been witnessed while they being currently part of Andhra Pradesh. You currently won’t respect and care for your own state but you will ’empower’ the hypothetical to-be-formed state? Cheap comedy!

  • Vandalism: When people talk about Hyderabad, there are a few things that represent the city. Charminar, Tank bund, Salarjung museum, Assembly etc. One such important place has been in the news for wrong reasons. All the statues have been damaged by ruthless uneducated brutes.

    Nobody has a right to ‘classify’ those Telugu idols into region specific personalities. And nobody definitely has any right to cause any damage to those statues.I wish police had actually pushed the mob that damaged statues  into Tank bund waters and finished it once for all.

    I heard someone (KCR’s daughter?) challenging AP government how they can build those statues back again. I say, let’s kill him/ her and put up their statue too! While it will be an insult to the existing Telugu maestros there, we will at least have the satisfaction that the issue is addressed now; and we can tell future generations what happens to someone if they meddle with the Telugu pride.

  • Public Transport: I can’t count the number of RTC buses that were burned as a ‘protest’. There was even a MMTS train that was set on fire near the Osmania University campus.

    Here is an idea: If you think setting a vehicle on fire is going to tell whoever-you-want-to-notice-you the intensity of your protest, I have better process.  Let’s schedule a date and time and set your own car on fire. I promise I will pool up people and media to cover the event. If the recognition is not enough, let’s set your house on fire. If you need more than that, you get in the house and I will set it on fire. You like it?

  • Stopping exams: If you really dare to stop exams because you believe that is going to get you a separate state, I can guide you on this too. Go sit in front of the Education ministry and demand that the exams are cancelled/ postponed. Use all the forces you have there. If they succumb to your demands, objective achieved. If not, police is going to kick your a** and I will be with first person to open a budweiser to mark the celebration.

    Standing in front of an examination center and stopping boys and girls from getting into the examination halls is cheap, cheaper, cheapest trick. It is like you surrender you cannot achieve your objective, but you can’t let your ego die, so, create some inconvenience to general public to satisfy that ego. May be you want to search for ‘psychiatrist’ in Google and review the results! Am sure you will get an appointment within the week.

  • Mob mentality: It is a general observation that when people are in large groups, every Dick is a Don (okay, Tom and Harry, too). I saw kids between 10-12 yrs of age stopping vehicles and demanding we say ‘Jai Telangana’ or we won’t be allowed to go further.

    In normal situations, people walk along the sides of the roads allowing traffic to flow normally. Hyderabad attitude demands that you stare at everyone (that’s an achievement!) who cuts you off or take a close turn but still; you get some space to move along.On a day when Telangana calls for Bandh, kids are drunk and stand right in front of the vehicle!

    There was this one instance when I was in the back seat, or else I would have ‘accidentally’ run over at least one such Don if I was behind the wheel. Actually, what are the parents doing when a 12 yr old is drunk and is dancing on the roads? If they are proud of their son ‘fighting’ for Telangana, you have chosen a right career for him: cheap liquor and street fights!

    As I mentioned before, I don’t give a damn about the movement itself; if we want a separate state, let’s get it. But think again; when kids are used to stuff like this, they wouldn’t be happy even if you find a sensible person to govern the future state. They need agitations, movements, fights, bandhs for something or the other. In their defense, they now know it works!

    You can’t raise your kids properly but wanna fight for the well-being of the region? Kool!

  • Osmania Campus: This is one of the most sensitive area when anything related to Telangana comes up. If someone is disrupting normal life, they should be handled appropriately! What if they are students? Are they not supposed to go to their class and get ‘education’? If not, kick them out of the campus and fight their battles for the states.

    Why should all the legal cases on students waived off? Can I be a criminal as long as am a student? In that case, get me an MBA application, I have thousands of idiots to tackle, all those who disrupt my life in the name of this agitation!

  • The Pink flag: When there was a gathering in the US by TRS for the Telangana residents in US, a group of gay men apparently walked in and demanded what was going on without them being aware of it? Of course! It’s not surprising. Pink??
  • KCR ‘idli sambhar’ fast: 😀
  • IT: IT is just an example but how many companies/ industries have chosen places other than Hyderabad just because of all this agitation disturbance? And existing MNCs are seriously thinking of relocations too. Isn’t that sad? Apparently, thousands of IT jobs can’t compete with hundreds of government jobs in secretariat, huh?
  • HYDERABAD: On the day of million march, I was staring at twitter screen, looking into the results for the search key words #telangana and #millionmarch. Some of the tweets made me think and recap all the nuisance that has taken place in Hyderabad in the last few years. Someone sort of said, “The face of Hyderabad has changed forever, and this breaks my heart”. And few more tweets confessed “I am ashamed to be part of Telangana. I would like to see my region develop and prosper but I would not want to cause damage to the Telugu pride!”. Can’t agree with you more!


This is neither an anti-Telangana blog nor the posts oppose the Telangana movement. I personally don’t believe in it but that’s my personal preference. If you have a reason to achieve a separate statehood, well, all the best! However, if you are creating inconvenience in the name of this agitation, well, you’re inspiring me to write this series. My main reason is the nuisance on Hyderabad roads. As long as you respect Telugu pride and don’t hurt the common man, you are fighting for a good reason. When you stop traffic and damage public property, you are a brute. Please excuse my profanity here and there. Some deserve it, so it was intentional.


Every idiot who created any sort of public inconvenience and/ or damage is worth a mention; not just part of this Telangana agitation only, but otherwise too. Without you, this series of posts wouldn’t be inspired!

Sincere advice:

Final attempt. Read it slowly.

You know you want a separate state. Should somebody ‘grant’ that status? Or is that something you can declare and form your own government? If it’s you, what the heck are you fighting/ waiting for? If it should be granted, who is it? The government? Sonia Gandhi? K. A. Paul? If it’s an individual, concentrate all the energy you spend here in damaging public property and go sit in their house/ office. If it’s government, you do know who make the decisions. The complete Parliament? How many of them have to vote for the state? If you believe million march was successful, divide those 10 lakh people equally between the number of MPs you need approval from, and go stop their cars. Sit in front of their offices and protest. What will you get if you burn a rubber tyre in Miyapur center? Some smoke and that’s it? Huh!

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