Thank ME for the monsoon!

I am sure everyone is happy that it rained over the weekend. Though delayed by almost a month compared to the standard schedule, monsoon started everywhere else a week before and finally it is good that Hyderabad is catching up as well. Hope this is not a false alarm like it happened a few weeks ago. But anyways, as I declared today in facebook, I flipped the mattress this morning. So, summer is officially over. Cheers!

Here are some scientific facts you need to consider to believe that I personally am the reason for the rain over the weekend:

I had to attend a wedding on Friday evening. A school friend got married somewhere deep inside the old city. This would be my first attendance for Islam wedding so was curious to see how it’s done and especially how it is different, if any. I had to be there by 7pm. I started at 7 from home and caught up with a three other friends on the way and reached Charminar by 8pm.

I didn’t have my camera with me. Normally I would, but this being my first Islam wedding I was not sure of the laws-of-the-land. I preferred not to carry my cam compared to any trouble or inconvenience or even embarrassment there. But then, how can I stand in front of Charminar and NOT take a picture? For a moment, I was a tourist in my own city! What an awesome monument in Hyderabad! Last time I stood there was when I gave BCA semester exams. One of the colleges in that area was my examination center and I therefore had a glance of the Charminar few times that week. And before that: when I was in seventh standard when we came to Hyderabad on a class trip.

I survived the moment by my inability to take a picture anyway and reached the venue. It was 8.30pm. We entered the function hall and were the first four to be present there. Surprising! We sat in a nearby café for Irani Chai and called our groom friend to find out the status. He said he would be there in an hour. I wasn’t very impressed but what if that’s how the weddings are? We were chatting and catching up on all old memories for an hour and called him around 9.30pm. We were told the wedding party would arrive in 30 mins. Meanwhile, another friend joined us. I wanted to leave but they convinced me to stay for 30 more mins and decide if the wedding didn’t start by then. 10pm when we called, the status hasn’t changed much. Expected wait time was 20-25 mins to START the wedding. I promised another friend to see him by 10-10.30 and so I left without even saying hi to the groom. It was bad of me but they were already three hours behind the schedule! Being night could be a little problem but more than that it was somewhere deep inside the old city. And it was Friday! I wouldn’t even know how to get out of there if I have no company!

I had to make my own dinner arrangement then. I checked my wallet and was low on cash. Target one: ATM. After much roaming the streets in the old city, found one and withdrew some cash. Target two: Chicken Biryani. It was lucky of me to see a ‘Kababish’ center (popular food chain in Hyderabad). We had food there multiple times so kind of trusted vendor. I picked up a biryani and then the grilled chicken was tempting outside. Got a bird and started off. From there, it’s an hour to my friend’s place easily- through Rajendra nagar, zoo park, mehdipatnam, kondapur, miyapur and what not. All the while my friend and I were updating each other on the status of ATM and food. And we figured out- as we have a grilled bird and a chicken biryani, how about some beer? Target three: beer. After a few stops (damn beer shortage in the city) I could find some at premium price. After 45 minutes of city sub-urban area tour, reached the friend’s place at 11.30pm.

Oh, by the way, the reason for rain? I was on bike all the while. I normally hate to stop multiple times on the way anywhere except for clicking some pictures. This night, I stopped for a dozen times and I had to! I didn’t want to wade through the old city traffic with car, so I decided to hop on Activa. That was it! Adding to all the trouble (fun in a way of course) I was going through that night, what else can make it worse? (or more fun?). It’s the rain!! And therefore, it started. 🙂 Why else would it rain on that very night while millions of population has been waiting for more than a month now! And am sure if I had stepped out in my car, it wouldn’t have rained. So, you’re welcome in advance for all the thank you messages. And I apologize for the delay in getting the monsoon. I will gear up next year and make sure to get it in time! 🙂

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  1. @Vinod: My first time so didn’t know the weddings normally run late into nights. Lesson learnt. And regarding your tip, will try when it rains next time I get out on bike 🙂

  2. Are (V)(M)eka.. you have done a good job on that day. We waited for another 30 – 40 mins I mean around 10.30 – 10.40PM we saw the groom getting down from the car. ;).. our friends thought that it will take another hour to complete the whole thing but to our surprise it got completed with in 30 mins 😉 then we wished the groom and started to think whether to have food or not as rest of the 3 guys will not have NV to my bad luck :(( then decided not to have the food and started back through charminar.. stopped near to Charminar looked up and took some pics.. and then started back.. was searching for some hotel to get some food. at last in Koti got some Dhabha got up and had some food and left.

    Later on thought that we our friends would have gone some where and had dinner.. 🙂 😉

  3. Hey Vivek, its common in Muslims marriage that it starts only after 10:00 PM. You should have called me to find out because I was in this situation couple of times. They mention 6:30 but grooom come at 10:30 and it goes on till late night.

    I too miss those days of biking in rain. It was my passion whenever it rained I use to light my ciggerrete and ride my bull. I know that ciggerrette will get wet but there lyes that thrill, Try it ones you will know it 🙂

  4. Yeah unfortunately it has become a fashion for the grooms to come late on their weddings…so annoying for the guests…well atleast u got a chance to enjoy the 2nd rain of the season with some spicy hyderabadi chicken…:-)

    1. Yep. I was curious to witness an Islam wedding and I missed the chance. When are YOU getting married? Will attend yours 🙂 And yes, best part that day was the rain, biryani, beer and chicken!

  5. I don’t think its u ..

    I was out on a date.. and the only thing that can make it perfect was a rain and there it was 😛

    So stop boasting that it was for u 😛 😉

  6. Agree or disagree with the whole point that YOU were the reason for rain :), I enjoyed the post. I feel sorry that I was not there to enjoy the first rain of the season and catch the droplets. It takes me back to the memory lane of how many such showers did I thoroughly enjoy. I now cherish them all. Most unfortunate that today life is so busy and somehow things have changed so much (or were expected to change) and we seldom celebrate the lil pleasures like the rain. I hope you enjoyed yours with the yummy biryani, roast and the beer. Thank your groom friend since he was the whole reason why you went there in the 1st place and the series of incidents just followed and finally only because you were on your Activa, you got to enjoy the rain…your sunshine would have not given you such a memorable experience 🙂 Cheers!

    1. @Shalu: Agreed. Busy life was once desired. While it’s still good sometimes, we’ll be missing out on all the fun with simpler things in life. Yep, it was a pleasant experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Don’t worry you missed it. I guess I enjoyed your part too 😀

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