The Passport Story – III

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Well, the very next day after my query appeared in The Times, when I returned from college, there was a Police Jeep with a team waiting for me. 😛 They asked me few questions and took an affidavit that “I am good” (why would somebody write that they are bad and sign anyway). They inquired about me in the building, talked to my landlord and everything was going ok. A police officer (supposedly the one above the verification officer who sent non compliance report) pulled me aside and gave me his mobile number. “If you have anything like this, please call me and I will address it immediately. Do not write to CM’s Office directly. Understand?” While I nodded in agreement and made a note of the number, I was thinking of the verification officer and how he troubled me for additional cash.

I was then called to see the commissioner in Basheerbagh, the office near the flyover. I went there the next day and same kind words were repeated. “You don’t need CM’s office involvement for issues this small. Come over here and we can address it.” I explained him about the verification mess and the non-compliance threat by the first officer. He said he will talk to him and our meeting was over. On the way out, I spotted the verification officer waiting to see commissioner. He looked at me with a mixed expression of nervousness, anger, frustration and what not. He was called there to meet commissioner and provide explanation. Commissioner did tell me that he had to submit a report to the CM’s Office with the result. And another constable told me that the verification officer was suspended. Normally, according to him, a warning would do, but he said Babu wouldn’t ignore such incidents. Though I did feel a little sorry for him, rewinding my pleading at his police station did wipe that feeling away. He should have at least considered when I explained him that I practically couldn’t afford more! Huh!

By the way, here is a scan of the query published in The Time Of India!

10 Replies to “The Passport Story – III”

  1. Yeh baat sun kar mera dil bhee garden garden ho gaya 🙂

    And yes, join the ‘100’ club and let’s change the destiny of India to what Swami dreamed of.


  2. Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya!
    Give me 100 brave men and I will change the destiny of India said Swami Vivekananda
    I’m convinced you are one of them born in a different era.
    And lo, why not? Are you a re-innncarrrrrrr…
    No. You are Vivekananda Reddy.

  3. Amazing man.. Babu Rocks!!!

    And I should appreciate your never let go attitude…

    “Srikanth”, are you reading this?

  4. You know I enjoy escalations! 😛

    Yeah, there are many nice things when it comes to Babu’s administration.

    Hope he gets a chance to get the charm of AP back!


  5. Bravo. Very good. Anyways why should anybody pay to prove the fact.

    I have decided that I won’t pay the constable Rs 200 when he comes for verification.

  6. hahahah “Happy Ending” 😉
    Did anyone tell you that you “write” really well 🙂

    There you go.. something you can think of on your boring “mondays” now !!

    Wait did ur shift change ?? 😛

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