The rhythm

A kid next door was learning mathematical tables. I could hear the loud reading clearly:

2 tuzaa 4
2 threeza 6
2 fourza 8…

If you ever read the statement ‘I was born intelligent, education ruined me’, that is how I felt at the moment. I was ignoring the rhythm and for some reason chasing the grammar. I felt like correcting the kid. I wanted to say “2 twos ARE 4, 2 threes ARE 6” is not correct and you should be reading it as “2 twos IS 4 and 2 threes IS 6”. I was again figuring out the way he would render:

2 tuziz 4
2 threeziz 6
2 fourziz 8…

Nah, I didn’t like the way it sounded. I let the kid continue enjoy the rhythm. After all, I remember how content I was at that age with the rhythm.

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