The sunrise effect

sunshinecarIf God really wanted us to enjoy sunrise, it would occur no later than 10:30 am.
Quotable Quotes from a recent Reader’s Digest edition (can’t recollect the name of the person)

I am not sure if I’m looking at a luxury like that. But, for sure I have my own perceptions of the sunrise – and an effect on me as well.

For 25 months now, I have been continuously working night shifts. I did enjoy the sunrise during the period – dozens of times if not hundreds. Because when the sun rises, it’s time for me to go home and sleep happily. When that guy goes down again in the evening, it’s time for me to get ready for work!

For a change, I moved (rather was moved) to morning shift, working from 6 am till 3 pm. I still stand outside (very often) in the hallway/ staircase with a cup of coffee in hand to look at the rising sun. It definitely feels different.

The location hasn’t changed; the coffee isn’t different. But, waiting eagerly for the sun to rise so that I can go home and sleep is different from feeling afresh and getting ready for a pleasant work day!

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  1. Thankfully i have a 9 to 5 job…
    yet i miss out on all sunrises and sunsets on all weekdays. Not coz i wakeup late.
    i wake up at 5:30…and run straight into the kitchen. I have to start to work at 8 from home. i have to finish BF, Lunch and get my lil kid ready to school. I released am such a good multitasker.heeeeeeeeheee
    I am glad i get to n’joy nature on weekends atleast

  2. Watching the Sunrise a dozen times in 25 months is good enough I should say. Thanks to your call centre culture which otherwise would make it usually impossible to wake up so early and enjoy the view. In a way I would say, I would love to catch the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee in hand, to start off the day..but practically it doesn’t work for me, I believe it’s the same for most of us.. coz we are too lazy to wake up before him :(..I feel sorry for the Indian youth who just miss out so many things normal Indian youth do. For reasons like, you just change your clock for the sake of serving or answering some dumb Americans who want to know why their printer isn’t printing, their microwave not working or some other damn reason! And apart from being satisfied that you could assist someone and offer them solutions, you spend your time physically being in India and mentally on the other side of the world, no longer accepting the universal rule “Nights are to sleep, days are to work”. You confuse yourself, confuse your bilogical clock, sacrifice those little pleasures you can experience leading a 9-5 work life, lose touch with the world outside those corporate doors …and what is it all for? Wait whole night to stand there and welcome him with a cup of nice coffee in hand??? Is it really worth sacrificing so much for so little? Little I wouldn’t say about the happiness derived out of watching the sunrise and the serenity but little I would say when I compare it to the life and other simple pleasures you would be missing..

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