The tap story

This is one of the many funny stories I remember from my childhood. I know it’s stupid but I still laugh when my dad reminds me of this one now and then. So, here it is for you to check how stupid and stubborn I was back then [too]!

I was in first or second standard, away from home in a boarding school. All my school life, I used to come home once for Dasara, once for Christmas (it was a Christian Missionary School) and then for summer vacation.

One of those term holidays, I was home as usual, having fun with family and enjoying holidays. Back then, we didn’t have the tap water system in our village. (Now the system is in place but I never count on it.) We had to fetch water from a hand pump round the street corner. Obviously, we couldn’t afford a borewell just for our domestic purposes.

My mom was on her way to the pump and called me along to help. I pumped water out of it for 5-10 minutes may be and was back- full tired and exhausted. I started thinking why me or no one else has to go through this at my boarding. And then it occurred! We had taps in the bathrooms and the dining area to wash plates etc.

I went to my dad and started the argument. ‘Why don’t we have taps like that in our place- one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and may be one just outside for plants and stuff??’. He explained very patiently that we need a borewell, a motor to pump up the water and a overhead tank to enjoy that luxury. And obviously it was too expensive affair for us. I wasn’t convinced and was sure it was some cooked up story to escape!

I had my own confidence in the tap that runs non-stop at the boarding. There is no borewell, or a overhead tank or a motor! All I see is a small tap that comes out of the wall and that’s it! I open it and the water is available all day and all night! All I wanted to do was buy that ‘magic tap’ and tuck one in the kitchen wall, one in the bathroom and the third one outside the house- for plants and for us to refresh when we get back from the playground! How much trouble will it save me (just for one day of pumping lol) and of course my mom in fetching water for drinking and all other domestic purposes?!!

I was chasing my dad to buy those magic taps so that we can have running water. I am sure my mom and dad laughed hard afterwards at my fantacy. They finally understood that all I think will do is just the tap- because that is all I see! But, they weren’t able to convince me until the vacation was over. Everyday, I used to wake up and ask ‘Are we going to get those taps today?’ After some point, I guess my focus was more on ‘educating’ my dad about the way taps work, more than saving the trouble for my mom. 😀

Finally, when I went back to the next term, my dad took the liberty of taking permission from the warden and showed me around. The bulb finally lit when he showed me the borewell, the motor and the pipes that ran through the back of the building to the overhead tank and back!

I nodded unwillingly in agreement when the ‘tour’ was over. But, honestly, I was probably thinking how the pipes got ‘inside’ the wall to get water into the bathrooms and everywhere else. Well, that’s me! Hehehe…

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