Time to act! NOW!

If not you and me, then who?

If not now, when?

This is the right time to act! NOW!

Stop complaining and vote for sure!

Every single vote counts!

I guess it’s just well said here in a post from BadBoy.

“There is also one other ‘rather famous’ notion that people have, thinking “…yeah, this candidate is great, talks sensible but he does not have capacity to to form a Government and my vote might be wasted if I vote for him. So, I will vote for the next best in the worst, who I think has a capacity to form a Government”. Again, the power of one comes into play here. Everyone of us have that power and we have to stand for what we believe no matter the complete world is on the other side. I can promise, you are not alone I am with you and I bet once we dig around we can unearth hundreds/thousands/millions of people who believe in what you believe.”

Please play your part and we’ll hope for the best!

Three cheers!!

4 Replies to “Time to act! NOW!”

  1. IF no one appears good enough, vote for Lok Satta. The party has clarity on many aspects where other contestants, I believe are merely aware of. Check out loksatta.org for more details.

    We need to let them know that we are looking forward for clean politics. However small, each vote does give them the spirit to move forward!

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