To hell with you – Jabong!

*** If anyone [still] shops with Jabong, here is a coupon for INR 100. This is what I got in return to a mess up from Team Jabong. My fad is over and they screwed up a second chance too. So this coupon, or for that matter Jabong itself, is worthless to me now. May be you can use it and pay INR 100 less on your next order!

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Dear Jabong,

Though the name ‘Jabong’ sounded weird, I liked the idea of an online shoe store. It’s the ‘online’ that excites me, not ‘shoes’. I know you sell a lot of other junk too but I’ve seen the TV commercial for shoes and hence my association. I use converse, all black, Size 6. Current pair is wearing off. I need a new pair and you sell them. Perfect.

While I was still thinking, I bumped into your promotional offer of INR 2000 discount (INR 500 discount on each spend exceeding 1500). I finally decided to give Jabong a try.

I found the shoes, picked Size 6, added to cart and placed the order. I wanted to avail the discount, so added a Garnier shampoo and a pack of Gillette MACH 3 cartridges to ‘exceed’ INR 1500. And I received the INR 500 discount. Happy.

Order Number: 120414881006176.

I wasn’t home when the shipment arrived, so I didn’t get a chance to scream like you do in the commercial. Sorry if I haven’t adhered to your protocol. Is that why you screwed up my two orders?

My mom signed for the package in the noon and when I went home in the evening, you had a surprise waiting for me. I like only pleasant surprises, not otherwise.

The shampoo was good, not leaky or sticky. Nice packing, by the way. And nothing was wrong with the Mach3 too. I received what I ordered. However, the shoes weren’t as expected. Remember, the main contents of this order were the shoes and I didn’t get what I ordered. I ordered Size 6. You sent me Size 7. Not pleased.

I sent you an email, informing the mix up. You didn’t care. Ironically, your email address is 🙂

I called you to work this out. A girl explained very clearly about the return policy. I failed to make her understand that I am not returning anything. I was just looking for the product I ordered. I tried hard but failed to convince her to send me Size 6 and take back Size 7. She had only one solution for me – return the product, and order again. She made no promise that the next order would be shipped correctly.

I liked one of her troubleshooting thoughts though – “Is one number difference too big that you can’t wear them? Can’t you use Size 7 just this once?” I guess she was being practical. I was not in the mood. And she went on wondering “Are you sure you need a Size 6?”

I realized there was nothing else I could do. I told her that I will keep the shoes untouched for a month, in case you want to fix it – give me Size 6 and take back Size 7. I ain’t gonna fill up forms and chase you for your mistake. That defies the purpose of ‘saving time and effort by shopping online’.

And then, I wonder why, I gave you a second chance. I placed another order. This time, I was clever enough to choose ‘Cash on Delivery’. That will give me a chance to inspect the contents before I pay.

Order Number: 120428645356114.

The shipment never arrived. Instead, I received an email with that Teddy’s sorry note. I was even prepared to scream this time, dammit!

And, after waiting for more than a month, the duration I promised to keep the shoes untouched, I finally wore them today. I know it’s Size 7. Am being practical too! 🙂

Dear Jabong – There are only a handful items that fall in the intersection of “I use” and “you sell”. And now, let alone my shopping, am not even going to let anyone I know use Jabong for shopping.  Not at least until these Size 7 converse shoes wear off.

To hell with you, Jabong. To hell with you!

16 Replies to “To hell with you – Jabong!”

  1. Hey Vivvu,
    Your pen (read as fingers) is mightier than the sword.
    “Vivek ko saath dho…Jabong ko laath dho”
    I had a similar experience with Snapdeal.
    Cheats all over. I wonder if they are bit by the Congress machar.
    “Congress hatao…Desjh bachao”
    Does this look like I’m canvasing for a political party?…Yes, I’am
    AAP or BJP this time.
    Eagerly waiting to see their bAAP come in.

    Jai Hind.

    1. Hey Naveen,

      That’s an opinion all across. BJP, AAP or any other alliance but Congress is the motto. But, you never know, like YSR’s second term, money can play a role too. Many people fail to see the ‘dhoor ki nuksan’ when they have ‘nasdeek ki phaida’. Bad.

  2. I got the replacement voucher in 2 days(bcos the first day the guy picks the stuff)

    They may have goofed up a little with you – but for me – it was evening order – afternoon delivery – next day pickup of returned items – next to next day credit voucher – and yes have done it thrice.

  3. Just today I was going through their website and had a bad feeling.. After reading this post I will surely keep a bit of distance with them :s

  4. Nice post and as always has some very useful info.
    One thing I didn’t understand is why wait for a month? What are you waiting for? From your article, I got the impression that the call center executive is not really going to look into your issue. So in essence, either you return the shoes or start using them.
    Did you in the mean time, contact the website again?  Or were you hoping to grow to size 7?

    1. Dear Nomail,

      Thank you!

      I waited for one month, just in case they wanted to fix it. I explained to the rep that I was unhappy with the experience and was giving them a chance to fix it.

      In my opinion, we shouldn’t be disregarding any company/ business/ organization/ institution when they goof up; that’s bound to happen to best of the companies some time or the other.

      The difference only lies in how they are going to repair that goof up; support, service etc come into picture here. 🙂

  5. Nice post Vivek! But, just a thought: Converse shoes only show US sizes on t he sole of the shoe but Indian websites/Indians use UK sizes as commonly used size chart. So, in essence a US size 7= UK size 6. So, if you had orderes a 6 on the website, you had received a US size 7, whereas you, as a user of Converse, wanted a US size 6  as shown on the sole of your shoe. Think about it 🙂

    1. Dear ConMan, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thought. 🙂

      Yes, that could be the confusion. However, if the number on the sole follows US size and doesn’t mention other sizes, websites should follow the same units. They do now what Converse prints on the product, or at least they should.

      I just checked the conversion chart against the size option on Jabong now. Compares UK/India with Europe but doesn’t mention US. There’s definitely a gap that should be bridged. 🙂

      1. Well, I’m glad it helped 🙂

        I guess it doesn’t do much good to discount the website in totality! I checked out their site after seeing this post and I kind of like them. There are some real good reviews:

        But, I’m waiting for my payday to buy something – will update you on the experience! In essence you seem to have had a good experience and possibly grow into your shoes, now since you’ve started using them 😀 How many ecommerce companies out there suffer with poor quality of Indian BPO staff? a lot! So, I think you should continue to use the other 3 coupons you have left and “on average” you may have a much better experience. What say?

        I don’t think it’s “hell with Jabong”, it is “hello Jabong” 😛

        1. May be I will try again, but not immediately. That too if someone from Jabong at least acknowledges that this indeed is a bad experience. 

          Even if I ignore the first order experience with shoes, the second order package that never showed up does bother me. So, there goes the second coupon! 😀

  6. Vivek, the website looks quite handy though in terms of collection and prices!! however your experience with the C Services does make me skeptical about using the site.

    1. I’ve decided not to shop there anymore because of experience. And even I find the product availability as very limited. I don’t count clothes as buying them online makes no sense to me. Other than that, there are very few accessories etc that I can use 🙂

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