Top 10 posts of 2011

Yet another calendar year has come to an end. Overall, it wasn’t great for me; but that’s ok, there’s a new year around the corner!

I wasn’t even able to post a lot on the blog, just a few random scribbles here’n’there. Of these few, here are the Top 10 of this year.

The best part of my online activity this year was the Project 365!

Before I list the Top 10, take a look at the lists from the last couple of years:

Top 10 posts of 2009.

Top 10 posts of 2010.

And now, the list for 2011:

  1. Telangana agitation – The Bad: The actual face of the agitation at the time. This post outlines few things that come to my mind those tag the agitation as bad. Some serious concerns, some pun intended and of course a little sarcasm too! More than the post itself, the comments and discussion is what matters more on this page.
  2. Telangana agitation – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: An introductory post for the Telangana agitation series. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly are also individually on the top 10 list. This post was my attempt to examine the agitation from those different angles.
  3. Telangana agitation – The Good: While the agitation itself was mostly bad/ ugly, I forced myself to understand and see if there is any ‘good’ in it. A few reasons protesters quoted for why we need a separate state are discussed here.
  4. Close call with phishing on facebook: A close encounter that almost made me give out the credit card number to the ‘disguised’ friend on facebook. If you face a similar situation, please be more careful!
  5. Hampta Pass Trek – Reality Check: A wonderful experience in The Himalayas! A reality check to anyone else who’s dreaming of the trek. What to carry, how is it there, good things, not so good experiences, cold, water, energy levels, scenery, photography, etc are discussed in detail.
  6. Telangana agitation – The Ugly: In a nutshell, the agitation that changed the face of Hyderabad, to Ugly! This the THE actual post I intended to write about the agitation. Vandalism, mob mentality, bandhs, traffic issues and impact to common man are all discussed here.
  7. Review – LG Customer Care: Feedback to the LG team after a terrible experience with their service that took 22 days to fix a broken refrigerator. For the record, it broke twice in two months after that repair too! 🙁
  8. The Airport Bhoot: A funny incident that left us awestruck all night in the Hyderabad airport. May be it’s the time of the night, or may be there really is a bhoot, but our experience IS something I couldn’t resist sharing.
  9. Pearl YAMAHA – Feedback about your service: An escalation to the Yamaha Motors India about their service centers in Hyderabad. You gotta let people/ organizations know when there is a scope for improvement!
  10. Project 365: While the post itself on the blog received quite a good amount of traffic, the independent site where I post ‘pic of the day’ received quite a good response. Head to the site and check the clicks for yourself!

If you have enjoyed any other post and that’s not in the list above, please let me know in the comments!

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