Varsham – it ‘feels’ different

I received a ‘missed call’ from the driver, something he does every day when he reaches my place and that indicates the cab is ready. I completed my lunch, grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs. It was drizzling but that shouldn’t matter as I have a cab to get to work. I reached the gate and was looking out at the cab that was parked on the other side of the road. All I have to do is cross the road and get in. Driver was waving to help me locate him. I saw him there already; he parks his cab right opposite the gate all the time, in the very same spot. I guess I was hoping for something else. I wished he turned around and came right in front of the gate, so that I can get into the cab without those few rain drops falling on my head and shoulders. If I can keep dry till I get into the cab, am safe until I reach my office and back.

Isn’t getting drenched in rain fun? Of course it is. All the more if it is in first few rains of the monsoon. Well, if it’s on the way to work, how damaging can a few drops be? Nil. Was I the same a few years ago? No. What has changed? Is it the rain or me? Obviously it has to be me. But why? That is a very big question!

A few years back when I rode to work on my bike, rain has never bothered me. It was hardly a point to consider before starting to work. May be a little consideration; to help me carry the windcheater or jerkin and that’s it. Calling in late or taking a leave was not even an option. I used to ride for about an hour without stopping in bus stops or under the trees on the road side. Or, maybe once for a hot cup of chai, if I had company. If I can reach office, it’s as good as the work day was over. Getting completely drenched was very common for all my friends as well. Yes, not just the shoulders or head (I always wore a helmet though) but top to bottom, inside-outside and deep under. We still used to be ready for next day with the same energy and enthusiasm.

When I got into the cab, closed all windows, turned on AC, spared an ear to the latest movie album tracks and funny gags on Radio Mirchi softly playing in the cab stereo, I was wondering what has changed in these few years. I mentioned this point-worth-pondering with colleagues at work and we were all smiling and exchanging stories of what all we could happily do without a second thought a few years ago. We also admitted that we are not game for many of those ‘feats’ now, not knowing the reasons of course. Or at least, there is a second thought.

One says it’s the corporate life and shift changes that have put us in this place. Another says it’s the food habits and ‘city life’ meaning pollution and stuff(?). One more says we can still be the same, but only sparingly. Who would say no to a road trip to Srisailam on bikes? But how many are willing to ride to office in rain every day? There is a difference and equal ambiguity too. I don’t say it’s better or worse than before; I just say it’s different.

Anyways, what do YOU think has changed? And how have YOU changed, if at all you did.

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    1. @Swetha: Thanks and glad you agree too. Yep, let’s rejuvenate! And if I already haven’t said so, nice pic of rain drops 🙂

      As I told you, I still didn’t get the right pic for my post. I used Bharani’s for this.

  1. Nice one Vivee. I completely agree with you on this. We have changed coz now there are so many factors that have occupied our evil minds. For instance, now we are too scared to catch a cold and that we may get sick, or just too conscious that people are watching. We are no longer free souls. Everything is being done and decided keeping in view someone else, most of the time. We just stopped living for ourselves. So when we do that, these little pleasures excite us no more. That is precisely the problem behind all this 🙁

    1. @Shalini: I guess so. Childhood is more fun precisely for the reasons you mentioned. But I guess it’s not easy to ignore everything around and live lives for ourselves.I wish we grew up selectively- like education, career and stuff but remain childlike for little pleasures in life like freaking out without being scared of anyone/ anything, playinf in rain and stuff. 🙁

  2. Good one Vivek, This reminds me of my life which was few years back, if you wanted me to mention the exactly it was from 1999 till 2004 Dec, From there on i changed without my knowledge. Thanks for reminding me of my those days:)

    1. @Vinod: It’s always a pleasure to think of us and the cherished memories from few years ago. Thanks for inspiring me to write the post. 🙂

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