Virtual Barber

speakerIf you have an iPod or a music series mobile phone or a state-of-the-art mp3 player, this is for you!
Here is an amazing audio clip that uses a new algorithm to let you enjoy the new breakthrough. All I can say before you listen to it is – It’s awesome! This is something you cannot afford to miss!
(Right-click on vb.mp3 and choose ‘Save’ in the page it loads when you click the above link.)
Warning: Please do not listen to this on your computer – pleeez! I tried with a Plantronics USB headset and it didn’t work. Neither it does on my Creative desktop speakers. So, am sure yours won’t work. You can hear the sound, but what we are trying to experience is lot more – not the information.
Download it to your music device, wear your headset/ earphone/ handsfree – whatever you call it – mind you have it in the correct position – L for Left and R for right (check the markings on the ear piece, most of them have it).

Sit in a quite area, close your eyes and visualize that you are in a barber shop. Let me know what you think!

In case you receive an error when you click that download link, please add a comment and will provide an alternate one as soon as possible.

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