Wallpaper for November 2009

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a significant crop.”
Ansel Adams

I thought he was kidding, but apparently he was not! I kind of forgot to change my wallpaper when the calendar month changed a couple of days ago. On my office PC or at home, I used to change it as and when I wanted to, but since a few months, am forcing myself to stick to one ‘good’ picture every month, and also the same will be shared here as and when possible. To remember the month, and of course for convenience and quick reference, I add the calendar too as a handy tool.

Just today when that I realized I missed the deadline, I spent more than an hour flipping through most of the pictures I clicked to ‘pick’ one for the wallpaper post. While it hurts a little to remember again (baah!) to have lost about 18 months of photographs when my system crashed a few months ago, it hurts more to realize that I haven’t been photographing much in the recent past. Time to get out and do some clicking!

Meanwhile, I hereby present, not very proudly, one of my very old pictures I clicked on my desk at work, as a calendar for this month. (Proud for the picture but not so for having to use this just because I could not find a recent one as wallpaper material in my database).


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