Wallpaper for September 2009

I checked out a picture about an year ago in some photographer’s personal website gallery. I tried now but could not locate the link in favorites or on the web search. It was an awesome picture that let me wonder how beautiful photographs can be taken from such a simple composition and subject. Of course, there was a good amount of post processing done, which I am still breaking my head to get a hold on.

Well, this is a small attempt to re-create a photograph that impressed me with the simplicity. I wish there were fewer strands of grass to make the picture elegant but it didn’t occur to me until I viewed the picture on my computer. I made the best of what I clicked and here I present, as a wallpaper for September 2009.

I clicked this in a pond near Nirmal, on our Independence Day weekend trip to attend an engagement. This is posted on My Flickr too.

Make time to let me know in comments what you think about the final output 🙂

6 Replies to “Wallpaper for September 2009”

  1. It actually took a lot of time for me to understand the original picture I referred to. Well, here I left a small clue at the top-left corner to give away ‘water’ 😛

  2. Vivee, frankly, I didn’t realise that it was a pond, the grass in it and its reflection, until I read the whole story…maybe I should blame it on my lack of any creative photography sense..but I agree its very serene 🙂

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