bluetoothI’ve read about communication using messengers (not the Yahoo!, MSN or Google, AOL types, am talking about the individuals who carried messages!) which was obvious long time ago. Also, I read that pigeons were used for communication. Believable? May be yes, may be no!

And then, after postal letters, when telephones came into existence (placing a trunk call from post office), people really enjoyed the convenience. Real time talk! What more to expect?

Then, when phones came into homes, wow! It’s like you don’t even need to walk to the post office, real good!

And then cell phones. You don’t even need to be at home! Place or receive a call wherever you are! Plus, what not is available in mobile phones? The list would be endless, obviously!

Now, we have Bluetooth in use. Wow! We don’t even need to hold the cell phone pinned to your ear throughout the conversation. Plug in a small gadget, and you can talk even from the loo 😉

I am just thinking what next?? May be something like, you close your eyes and concentrate for second to remember your loved ones, and a red light flashes in their eyes? (??!!) Whatever! And am sure whatever that is will have a crazy name like Whitesoc or Pinkhair or Greennail. hehehe…

Am still thinking…

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  1. Next revelution in the mobile phone is……guess what….I know you can….okay let me tell that…..it is…….well i will give one more chance to you…..think…think….think…till you drink!!!… it would be you can view the picture of the person whom you are talking with…..dont you think its good…

  2. “Red light flashing in their eyes”…….??

    That must me someone with a digital camera taking photograph….he he he

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