Yep, I could make her smile!

The other day I met a little girl at the shopkeeper’s. I guess she’s 2 or 3 years old. Dressed like a boy, she was very cute. In fact, because of cold, she was completely packed and I could only see her face. She had her tiny hands in pockets and was waiting for her grandfather (I suppose) to leave. She was getting impatient, may be, the expression on her face told me so. For some reason, I wanted to make her smile.

smileI waved in front of her face and she looked up. I streched my hand and said hello. She removed her hands from the pockets and was hesitant to shake hands. Then I noticed she had a slate pencil each in her hands. She moved both of them into one hand to say hello. I asked her if I can have one. I guess, at first, she didn’t want to give. Then she tried to break one into two pieces. May be she wanted to give only half of it. She couldn’t do it with fingers. So, she tried hitting the wall to break it. No go. Finally, she gave me one complete piece. I smiled and asked “which class?”. She asked me back the same question. I said, “First”. She gave suspicious looks and I thought, she knew I was kidding. But her next question cleared my doubt: “then you should be using pencil, right?”. I said, “yeah, but I lost mine.” She smiled with a don’t-lose-this-now look.

After I was done with my purchase there, I looked around and she was still there. I asked her if she likes to have a chocolate. She wanted one, but then looked at her grandfather for confirmation. He nodded and explained, “Normally, as I told you earlier, no. But, you gave him a slate pencil, right? So, take chocolate if you want one.” She jumped inside, picked one 5 STAR from the stand, smiled again, said, “thank you” and left.

Yep, I could make her smile!


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  1. Ohh!!! Kids!!!! Anything about them is wonderful. It’s nice to hear that somebody is like me who always say ‘Anything for Kids’
    Hats off viveCA…… 🙂

  2. Kids are amazing. If you follow them closely, u learn a lot from them. There is so much positive enegry with them.

    I learn a lot from sid. He made me a better person.

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