I saw an ad on TV couple of weeks ago. That was the first I saw for that bike. While I didn’t concentrate much on the ad, the idea of a new vehicle from YAMAHA made me open the website and take a look at the available products. I was not happy with the already existing products like FZ and Fazer etc, for various reasons. The new one however, looks kool. Read through the specs real quick, checked if it’s available in black (I mean- compleeete black) and made up my mind.

Two or three days later, left office an hour early, Bharani and I went to the dealer, swiped a Credit Card and bought the new companion home. Dot.

Yes! I got another YAMAHA.Β  It’s YAMAHA SZ. This is my second (The two other vehicles I used between two YAMAHAs are an Activa, which, my dad is using now and a SANTRO, which I disposed after using for 2.5 years). Though it wasn’t as dramatic as I got the first, I do have the same thrill of owning one. Of course it was a quick decision!

I understand you don’t see a lot of SZs on the road; and that happened with my first one too, YAMAHA Crux. For most of my contacts, my bike was the only means they knew the product Crux existed. Looks like it happens this time too, and here is why:

  • This one has a 153 cc engine but has no disc brakes: While most of the riders prefer a disc brake for any bike, it is a common feature expected for the ones with 150 cc and above. However, I feel comfortable with the old fashioned drum brakes and SZ just got that. Both the wheels. Not that I tried tricks back then but it’s been a lot of time I got out of college and I have no feats to perform on road.
  • Of the two variations in SZ, mine is the low end one: No electric start, no RPM meter. The high end is named SZ-X, has an electric start, an RPM meter and a little extra plastic designer attachments to the fuel tank. While I like the SZ-X so far, the problem is it has no kick start. That, to me, is a bad configuration. Especially, if the lights are directly connected to the battery and can be turned on even without starting the engine, like car! If the battery dies one fine day, I should be doing experiments with wheel rotation or the typical push-n-start stuff. No no.
  • No digital meters. While I prefer old fashioned manual needle pointers, I see a lot of them prefer digital indicators. I think more than the question of reliability of the digital stuff in rain etc, what turns me off is the ugly orange backlit displays. Yack!!

When I used Crux, I used to ponder over a few things. I wanted a little more powerful engine to rip once in a while as necessary (I think Crux had a 98 cc engine, or 106 cc am not sure now), one additional “speed gear” to cover highway distances without putting a lot of stress on the engine for longer durations, probably a fuel indicator and an rpm meter. I think SZ has them covered except the rpm as I got the low end model. But that’s ok, I’m content with the existing features.

My first YAMAHA purchase experience is posted here.

YAMAHA SZ specifications can be found here.

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