Yet another accident!

I was about 6:30 pm last Thursday when I received a call from my friend Vijay. Summary – another friend of ours, Srikanth, met with a road accident and is being rushed to hospital in 108 ambulance services. My heart skipped a beat when I learned that he is unconscious and had a severe head injury. Someone who was present at the scene called 108 and checked the call list from my friend’s phone. He started from office after having a conversation with Vijay’s brother regarding some business and the caller rang that number to pass the information. Thanks to whoever that was to inform us of the situation.

I had to make a few calls immediately to inform his brother and few other friends near by to get to the hospital as soon as possible. It was more than an hour when I received the update that doctor said ‘out of danger’ with 3-4 stitches on the forehead and he was able to look around and speak.

He could go home the same night and was advised good rest to recover. When we visited him over the weekend, he was in Ayyappa Deeksha, slowly recovering from the injuries and stress. It hit him on the right eyebrow, a very narrow escape for the eye. According to him, his helmet fell off first and then his head hit on the road divider. Anyway, that is all he could remember from the scene; he woke up again after an hour or so in the hospital. And the reason for accident? Some car guy was trying some ‘smart moves’ on the road and hit my friend on bike. [:(] He wasn’t caught anyway.

Fellas – drive safe!

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