2010: What’s in store for us?

The world is not going to end in 2012, or that’s what I believe. So, there is a lot in store for us in the coming years, technology wise. I want to be part of it and here is my plan for the coming year 2010. May be little, but steady and sure step forward is my objective.

History: I started blogging just for the heck of it. I wanted to understand the technology, enhance my writing skills, check if I can stick to a schedule in the long run and be part of the most happening blogosphere. I started on blogger and moved to wordpress earlier this year.

Current: With help all around online, some time to spare every now and then, little addiction towards blogging and habit of skimming the Internet for the most happening stuff related to blogging, I’ve achieved more than what I’ve aimed for. I am in a position to help someone setup a blog, tweak the design, enable/ disable certain functionality and have fun doing all that. May be, you can hire me! 😛

Future: I want to take this a little forward. My plan is outlined below. More important than that, I need some help and direction from you all. I would be grateful if you can take a moment and add a comment after you understand this.

I would like to start a “serious” blog now. Here are a few ideas. I would like to know what you think. If you have something that is not listed here that might work well for us, let me know.

  • Photography [para site/ blog]: Bharani and I were thinking of this for a while now. There are a good number of successful photography sites already. If we can get a couple others who can contribute to the project, it can be a direct portal. Otherwise, a para site – pooling in content from all over and presenting in easy digests for hobbyist and professional photographers alike. Kind of an index for all the content/ resources and ‘happening’ stuff in the photography world.
  • Photo Journalism: I understand this needs a lot of time covering the events and gathering information. I’ll do some home work, build up a small team if I can get in touch with any like minded people and take it further. Only an idea so far, not sure how easy or difficult it practically is.
  • Tech Hacks: All about computers, specifically OS and software niche. Freeware, shareware, crapware, and any other/ every other-ware. What’s good, what’s bad, what’s new, what’s useful, what’s useless etc. Tips, tricks, tweaks, hacks and stuff.
  • Psychology: Everybody’s interested in psychology and I am no different. Career wise, am planning to shift slowly towards behavioral/ leadership/ management trainings. So, in the course of my development, there are a lot of milestones to cross and this gives me an opportunity to blog the journey through transformation.
  • Blog about blogging: Everything I learned so far in the last couple of years and new things I will bump into in the years to come in blogosphere. It’s fun blogging and am guessing it should be fun in educating others too. Am no Darren Rowse right now but why not aim high and compete with the master?
  • Social Networking: This is actually huge. If we freeze on this, I should actually draw an architecture diagram of what’s out there and attack one small piece at a time. The more I know about this area, the more I realize what I don’t know. So, it will be a good exercise for my brain.


  • What happens to viveeonline.com [Life is a celebration]?
    • It will remain the same – a personal blog. This will be a “casual, fun blog” and will not get “serious”, in terms of concentrating on any particular area of interest like above; at least in the next 1 year to come.
  • Why a new site/ blog?
    • There are a few reasons. One, my current blog is a casual one, not serious. I started this to learn, not to blog. Two, it has no niche; meaning, it doesn’t talk about one particular area of interest or topic. Something like that.
  • Why not the same blog taking shape into the new stream?
    • Um, let me see. This one has a URL of a personal site. If we start a “serious” or a “professional” blog, should it not have its own identity, right from the URL? I kinda want the new one to stand on its own and not on an individual’s identity. [Another secret, shh! If the “serious” blog clicks well and does good business, we might have to sell it. AND I don’t want my personal URL to go away with that 😉 You know about me – an average guy with above average aspirations!]
  • Who will be behind the new venture?
    • Depending on what we finalize from the list above, it could be a small group of like minded geeks. If no one can make time, as now, one man army! You’re welcome, by the way!

If you can take one moment and drop in your comment, it would be very helpful.  Select one that YOU like from the list above or suggest a new thing that you would like to read regularly about.

Thanks in advance and stay tuned! I will bother you a few more times during the next few weeks until I get started on the new venture. 🙂

6 Replies to “2010: What’s in store for us?”

  1. Hey buddy its good to see your future plans for the new year.. its a good idea in moving on to such specific blogs my vote is for Tech Hacks and social networking.. all the best buddy.

  2. social networking vivee…something BIG!

    keep in mind this quote by james cameron

    Some people say less is more. I say, more is less and too much is not enough –

  3. Psychology, Vivek – an interesting subject, keeps me engrossed and may be when I’m asked, if I hold a personal website like it’s done here above: ‘Website (optional): ? ‘, then I might list your website – ailaa…Kabzaa. Jagan Ishtyle?
    Go ahead Vivek and all the best in all your endeavors.

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