2011 Resolution check: 75% complete!

I say, not bad!

This was my new year resolution for this year: 2011: Leave airtel and quit Orkut.

If you do the math in 3 secs, it would come to 50% complete. Let me explain a little further and make it 75%! 😛

Leaving airtel was half of it; and the orkut quitting was the other half. I already wrote multiple times about airtel here, here and here.

I just deleted orkut account moments ago and immediately started composing this post, so that’s 50% complete already! (I know I should have deleted the thing a long time ago, but I had thought I already deleted it, until somebody sent a scrap two days ago. AND, I confirmed there is no way to change login email before I deleted, one of my primary reasons. Of course, copy-pasted the few testimonials I had in there.)

Coming to the other half: leaving airtel. I use(d) two services from airtel: mobile and broadband. So, 25% contribution each towards my resolution.

Now, I’ve cancelled the mobile connection very early in 2011 and moved to DoCoMo. So, another 25% of my total resolution target is complete.

The remaining 25% is incomplete. And here are the reasons:

  • There isn’t any other provider in my location to offer broadband connection.
  • When I told airtel my problems and requested to cancel, they offered a new plan at discounted price for a quarter. Nice gesture!
  • Didn’t want to be stupid and cancel the connection anyway when I have no alternative!

So, that’s my progress!

75% complete.

What about you?

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