4 TV shows I like

About a month ago, I requested your favorite Telugu TV shows. The idea was to understand the tastes a little, compare the entertainment/ information patterns and conduct a poll to get the creme of the lot.

Well, as there are no responses to help me out, here are the top TV shows I watch and why (not just Telugu). I picked a couple of them and the others just fall into my recently developed TV watching schedule/ time slot.

CNN IBN 8 PM PRIME (English): I actually got Tata Sky for this channel and this news hour. I felt I needed more current affairs and therefore developed the TV watching habit recently. It gives a quick and good round up of events all over India and I like the role it plays in the media unlike the worst-ever news channels AAJ TAK and STAR News.

Andhravani (Telugu): No nonsense, crisp, quick (30 mins), early morning tea-time dose; Telugu round up of local news from Andhra Pradesh. 7.30 am on E TV.

Nat Geo 9 PM (English): I am still not sure of the pattern for 9 PM shows as it appears to address one theme/ kind of programmes every week. Either way, if time permits after my IBN Live 8 PM PRIME, this is what I would like to watch for an hour. The series BIG, Mega Constructions, shows about the mega factories etc are all awesomely good and informative.

Paadutha Teeyaga (Telugu): 9.30 PM on Mondays on E TV,  it’s an hour with Telugu reality show for singers. Again, I like this because of S.P. Balu’s presence of course, but also because it’s unlike many other reality shows, is simple and straightforward. No staged dramas in attempt to tweak the TRP curves.

Sitcoms (English): I watch a good deal of sitcoms, but am not sure if I can add it to the ‘TV Shows’ list. I usually watch the complete season back-to-back and not when it’s telecast on TV. Major shows include: The Big Bang Theory, Two and half men, FRIENDS, 3rd rock from the Sun, That 70’s Show and few adventure series from Discovery Channel.

If you have any recommendations, please add in the comments.

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