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7+ security features of Ford Figo

After I published my ‘30+ observations in 30 days‘ about Ford Figo two days ago, I noticed a few search terms related to the security features of Ford Figo, and enthusiasts landing up on my observations page. As that post does not cover the security/ safety features in detail, to save them some disappointment, here is an attempt to cover what I know about the subject.

This is a list of safety/ security features in Ford Figo, not in any particular order, from various sources (my observations, user guide, discussions with Ford staff, arguments with service staff etc.)

Note: Currently, Figo is available in 4 variants – LXi (low-end), EXi, ZXi and TITANIUM (high-end). All 4 variants available in Petrol and Diesel versions.

  1. ABS with EBD: ABS is Anti-lock Braking System and EBD is Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. Available only in TITANIUM. If you’re interested in  technical explanations, hit Wiki (Explains ‘How ABS works’ and ‘How EBD works’).
  2. Smart Programmable Keyless Entry: With this feature, you can program to open just the driver’s door, or all doors when you press ‘unlock’ button on the key.
    To do this, press and hold lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for 4 seconds.
    Available in the top three variants (only LXi does not have this feature).
    Don’t consider the term ‘keyless entry’ in it’s true sense, as I initially fell for. Because, you still need to use the remote on the key as usual to open the door(s). It was my assumption that the door(s) are unlocked automatically when you get closer to the car. Apparently, not.
  3. Intelligent Central Locking: The doors get automatically locked when the vehicle reaches 7 kmph speed.
    Make sure you read the confusion  about the door locks after this complete list.
    Available in the top three variants (only LXi does not have this feature).
  4. PATS (Passive Anti-Theft system): Some manufacturers call it iCATS and Ford calls it PATS. The purpose is to immobilize the vehicle when an intruder tries to steal your car with an unauthorized key (any key other than the two you receive from Ford when you buy the car is treated as unauthorized).
    The key that comes with the car has a small chip inside it that talks to the car when you start the ignition. When the intruder tries to replicate the metal part of the key, access to some extent can be gained (door lock, for example), but after that PATS enters the scene.
    Depending on how intelligent the intruder’s technology is, he/ she might be able to break in, start the ignition and even run/ move the car, however, only for a short distance of 10-15 meters. After this short distance, the fuel channels are blocked and the car stalls. It just refuses to run/ move.
    When this happens, you will not be able to run the car again as usual EVEN WITH YOUR AUTHORIZED KEY. Ford has to come into picture and fix this for you. This might include, depending on the situation, towing the vehicle to the service station, clearing those blocked fuel passages, or even changing the key.
    This PATS is activated as soon as you [stop the ignition] remove the key from it’s position in the steering column. You can notice a small red icon blinking in the dashboard that indicates the PATS functionality.
  5. Airbags: Only the TITANIUM variant is equipped with airbags. It’s only front airbags, for both the seats.
  6. Child Safety Locks: Standard on all variants. Available for the two rear doors.
    As expected, when the child lock is ON, you cannot open the door from inside. However, you can open it from outside as usual.
    One design aspect I noticed different about child lock operation in Figo is- you have to turn it ON or OFF using the key. Any metal object can work too, but the observation is that it’s not a lever like I’ve seen in other cars. It’s inside the door metal groove and you need to insert the metal object (best fit is the Figo key) and tun it ON or OFF.
  7. Auto hazard blinkers: When in high speeds, if the brakes are applied to slow down the vehicle drastically (a.k.a “sudden brakes” or “emergency brakes”) the hazard blinkers automatically go off to warn the other vehicles on the road.
  8. Seatbelts – Basic security. Expected. Still, worth a mention: 3 Point Seatbelts for Front & Rear Seats. You get only Lap Strap for Rear Centre Passenger. All this, I guess is standard design in all classes/ models/ manufacturers and is nothing different here. Available in all variants.

Now, about that faulty door locks:

Not even a single person at Ford so far knows how the door locks are supposed to work. Not sales people, not store managers, not service heads, not customer care, not housekeeping staff, not security guards and not even the Figo security designer, if there is one.

Every-damn-body starts their conversation with “7 security features” of Figo, and stop after “doors lock automatically when the vehicle reaches 7kmph speed”. Nobody knows whether the doors should or should not open when the vehicle is in motion, say, at 100 kmph.

If you start your discussion with “Why do the doors open as usual even when the vehicle is in motion?”, they say, “it’s per the design sir! You should be able to open your doors whenever you feel like. In fact, it is one of the security features in Figo!” What is it again? Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

And, if you start your discussion with “I’m unable to open the doors when in motion, why?”, they say, “of course, sir! Why the hell would you want to open the door when the vehicle is moving?? That’s one of the major security features in Figo! We make sure that you and your kids are always safe!!”

If anybody ever wins an argument with Ford regarding this, please please let me know! 🙂

One more thing!

Most of the cars have sound notification for lock/ unlock operation. So, the same thing shouts out loud if someone breaks in with a duplicate or unauthorized key. It’s very easy to test too: lock the car with remote and try to unlock the door with key. More often than not (read AUTOCOP), the security alarm goes off.

Figo has no such alarm thing. So, am assuming, if someone manages to open the door lock, they can sleep in your car all night (or steal your stuff) and you wouldn’t know. PATS will come into action only when the car is moved. Again, I didn’t get a chance to test this, and therefore this point alone is just my assumption. IF you have any info, please add a comment to let me know.

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44 Replies to “7+ security features of Ford Figo”

  1. Hi Vivek.

    I own a 2013 Ford Figo TDI. It shows a blinking red light of a car with a lock through it. I have no idea what it means and the is not starting.
    What could it be?

    Kind regards.

  2. Hi , I have a ford figo… and it has not been used for a month now as i am in germany. Now the remote key does not work. is this something normal…? as it was not used for a long time….? what needs to be done now…?

  3. So Vivek,

    My active baby sometimes sits in the front passenger seat with mother and I need to be worried that she might be able to open the door even when the car is running! I never thought of that, but it’s dangerous!
    Then what’s the meaning of default Intelligent Central Locking? (The doors get automatically locked when the vehicle reaches 7 kmph speed.)

    I will strictly use rear seat for her with child lock ON from now on. Thanks for the info.

    1. Yes. Unfortunately, the design of the central locking system doesn’t help us in these instances. I’d prefer the same as well; having children in the back seat with child-lock ON. Also, it’s international standard to wear the seat belt, irrespective of the front/ rear seating.

      Have a safe ride!

  4. It is really a nice and very helpful set of information Vivek. About one year ago I bought Figo Tit Diesel . So far about 7000 kilometres covered my car. After one week it shall complete one year. Can I get more time for second service so that my car can cover 10000 KM or it is good for the car to go for second service after completing 1year.

    1. Hey! I’m glad you found the information helpful. The service terms will be 10000 kms or 1 year whichever is earlier, so go ahead with the service as per the schedule. It’s good for the car maintenance and also necessary to be under warranty terms. Enjoy your drives!

  5. Hi Vivek, Firstly thank you for sharing such a useful and usually unknown info.

    About me to this forum, I have booked my For Ford Figo Titanium this evening. So guess I am eligible to take part in your conversations.

    As you said, yes I have landed here after a good research on this car and found info very interesting and it did added one more line in my decision taking process. Thanks to you.

  6. I recently bought a new ford figo Titanium. Thanks to your blog it gives almost every possible detail with explanation. I had a question to all ford users. Does the car doors get automatically locked when the car is stationery and key is not in the ignition keyhole?

    My question is more on to we at times forget to lock the car once we are out of the car. Does it automatically lock it after a certain period of time?

  7. Vivekanandaji…..
    I have brought a second hand Ford Figo Titanium (April 2010) petrol this month. I like the car very much. Also your blog help me a lot to understand the various features of the car, thank you very much. I want to know from where i will get a owner manual of this car, as the first owner misplace it.

    1. Hi, Congratulations and wish you safe and comfortable drives! I haven’t found any official document from Ford that can be downloaded. I’ll check the CD I received with my car and let you know if there is a PDF that can be shared.

      Meanwhile, check if these can help you: (PDF download also available on this link; generic Ford manual, not specific to Figo)

    1. Hi Vivek, The USB for Figo works through an extension cable. Please check in glove compartment. There should be a cable running from the stereo player corner into this compartment that allows you to plug in the pen drive. Once plugged in, you can press ‘SRC’ key to switch between Tuner-BT Audio-USB-AUX.

  8. It was really a nice set of info Vivek.

    Though every evening I see the lock sign blinks on the dashboard, I never found time to go thru the manual to know what exactly and if a feature or a bug :). However, appreciate your detailed description on almost each areas of Figo.

    About me & my Figo: it’s 3rd year running since I bought my Figo, I’m not a very frequent driver, though I like driving whenever I have to. Especially I rarely drive (or want to drive) in side Bangalore-like city.

  9. Hi Vivek, nice post and thanks for pointing out few very important missing things in ford figo. I hope ford people are listening. I own a ford figo titanium 2013 and I love this car. Had a problem with child safety lock (i was wondering how to switch it on) and came across to your post. I did see many other cars before i went for ford figo and I am pretty happy with my selection. The only thing (very important one) which I am missing from my previous car is sound alert. You will never come to know if somebody opens your car and steels anything from the car. The other thing which was surprising is, during the first servicing they don’t even change the engine oil. I believe most of the other brands change car engine oil during first servicing?

    1. Hi Dharmendra,

      I’m glad you liked this post and found it useful. I’d love to know more about your Figo experience as you continue to use it and if your time permits, your travel experiences as well! 🙂

      As per the first servicing oil change is concerned, I guess it depends on manufacturers, fuel type (petrol/ diesel) and car models too. One of my friends got a diesel i20 last week and his first servicing is at 1500 kms, no oil change. So, am assuming that is normal. 🙂

  10. Figo is the most liked hatchback of today’s generation. The Ford Figo Interior, specifications and features are also very good rather then other cars of this category. It looks modern and stylish from all of the views.

  11. HI Vivek

    I purchased a Ford Figo 1.4 Duratorq Diesel EXI on 24th June 2013. I was expecting Drive away lock in the car but it is missing . Has it been made obsolete in new models. However when i drive away i.e car starts accelerating , i hear a ‘TAK’ like sound as though doors getting locked but when i try to open the door during driving ,they do open.Can you please clarify

    1. Hi Wasim, congratulations on your new car! I’m sure you’ll love it. I’ve been using a Diesel Figo for a year now and I’m happy.

      Regarding the drive away lock, I think it is a flaw with Figo security system. I even discussed this with Ford and they call it a safe design. I disagree with them.

      Doors lock when the car reaches 7kmph speed. However, when you use the lever from inside the door to open it, it just opens. Very bad.

      If you travel with kids, I strongly recommend seating them in the back. That way, you can “child lock” both the back doors and therefore cannot be opened from inside.

  12. Hi Vivek,

    informally there is a news that figo 2013 model, which has speed breaker hitting issue when we travel with 5 people (including driver), has been fixed. But , There has been no update from Ford on this news. When i did a test drive with five people and we crossed the speed breaker, the under belly portion got scratched. The sales man says that we need to entirely slow down the vehicle when we need to cross the speed breaker. but, how long they would be saying the same reasons when even tata nano and alto car has no issue with respect to ground clearance. Many mechanics say that this suspension issue can be fixed. But, Ford engineers can’t do this ? Is there anyway to get rid of this issue without any workarounds like crossing the speed breaker diagonally etc. Pls clarify.


    1. Hi Kannan,

      Figo hitting speed breaker is not an issue, it’s the design specifications (ground clearance) that not many are happy about. So, if you check the specs and compare between the previous versions and the latest version of Figo, you have your answer.

      Probably the suspension can be adjusted to avoid the scratch, but I wonder if the mechanics are considering the overall design (like balance of the vehicle on high speeds). I believe the vehicle is more stable when the ground clearance is less as it “sticks” to the road and gets better grip, saving us from rolling over in turns.

      What I did was adapt my driving style after getting Figo. I do slow down and it hardly hits the breakers now even with full occupancy.

      Also, don’t ignore the tyre pressure. That can have an impact too.


      1. Thanks for your reply. What is the recommend tyre pressure ? can you give your suggestions for the following

        1. What should be the tyre pressure when 2 or 3 people are travelling ?

        2. What should be the tyre pressure when 5 people are travelling ?

        3. can I always have the tyre pressure of 5 people even if I travel alone ?

        4. some people says, when we have the increased tyre pressure and when we travel on highways, tyre would get little more air pressure and it may burst? so considering this, what is the recommended tyre pressure

        pls suggest


  13. Hi Vivek, What is the actual City mileage we can get with ford figo titanium diesel ? i get different feedbacks. while this is the state of figo, etios liva diesel claims to be giving 18 kmpl in city. Though it is not believable, other users are also saying the same feedback…i’m bit confused on which one to choose. can you suggest me whether figo is better or liva ?

    1. Hi Mohan. I always counted city+highway mileage on my Figo and it comes around 19. So, you can consider it as 17 in the city and 21 on the highway. when you ask me to choose between Figo and Liva, I would go with Figo. I took a test drive from Liva and more than mileage, the body insulation and the interiors bothered me a lot. Regarding body insulation- you can hear and feel every bump and rough road texture inside which is very bad. Also, interiors look like an activa parked in the sun for 18 months. That is too cheap for Toyota. Hence, my preference – Figo.

  14. very useful thank you vivek. I have small query.
    Can you post routine but important checks like engine oil level etc. which can be done by
    any beginner on weekly basis. I live 150km away from authorized service center. Mine is figo diesel car. I just took the dip level checking stik and found oil level ok. but the color of oil is muddy black. Is is ok for a new car which has run 6K. 1st service is over. they have done nothing but general check outside.

    1. Hi Shiva,

      I’m a Figo owner and a car enthusiast. However, am not a trained professional to advice on maintenance. 🙂

      That said, I refer to the Figo manual for maintenance checks. Clear instructions are provided in the manual that need your attention on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis.

      If you can’t understand/ locate the section, let me know.

  15. Hi Vivek

    I also own a figo. You mentioned that your car is performing better after 2nd service. Can u elaborate in what aspects is it better.

    I got my second service done but am not sure as to what brand of engine oil did they put.

    What upgrades do u suggest in the car

    1. I have a Zxi variant. So, I like the set of features I got. I did no upgrades whatsoever. I really like the built in stereo system with bluetooth and steering tilt kind of features. For you, upgrades will depend on your preference/ comfort and taste.

      Specific area I observed after second service is handling and control on the road. Engine runs more smoothly as well. My fastest speed ever was 155 kmph and it was on this Figo last week (soon after second service). It feels more refined and confident.

      Now that you mentioned, I wonder what engine oil they used for my Figo. However, am hoping they use custom made oils by Ford (I know Hyundai used to do that for my earlier car, Santro) or a recommended standard oil for the engine as they are the manufacturers themselves.

  16. Hi vivek, I am going to take my ford figo diesel titanium on feb 11th . i am expecting you to provide the latest information on you experience with your ford figo.

    1. Hi Kamlesh, my Figo is performing better after second service. Haven’t measured the mileage yet though. The new generation (you will get) comes with a few enhancements I guess. I didn’t get a chance to drive/ review that version. Mine is a 2nd generation Figo and am pretty happy about it so far. 🙂 If you have any specific question, please let me know and I’ll try my best to provide honest answers. 🙂 Good luck for your new car!

  17. Hi vivek. Your article is very useful, especially for some one buying a Ford figo.
    I am taking delivery of Figo EXi diesel in this week & look forward to pleasent exhange of views.

      1. HI Vivekananda.
        Sorry, i lost track of the blog.
        Its been good drving with Figo diesel. I had a rear door window broken , apparently for no reason of burglary or accedent. It happaned when i parked the car in hot sun near high rise building with reflecting glass planes. I dont know if it is due to heat reflction.
        I am due to 2nd free service in a week. If u have any tips , pl give me.
        best wishes

        1. Hi Ramgopal. Sorry to hear about the broken window glass. I too wonder if it’s the heat that caused the glass to shatter.

          If your schedule and time permits, please go to the Service station in person and stay there while the technicians work on your car. In my case, I gave it to a Ford driver (free pick and drop) as I was busy; they tweaked something in the boot door and I now have a constant rattling when I drive on uneven roads.

          I’m working with Ford to get it fixed but looks like it will take some time.

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