A new look for the blog!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci.

I was very pleased with the look and feel of the blog; I had selected a nice template and worked hard over months in tweaking the design and adding functionality. Sophistication is something I like. While I tried to keep the aesthetic look very pleasing with layout, colors and presentation, I did load it with a lot of functionality I might not need on a personal blog.

As you all know, a technical site is in pipeline (sincere apologies for the unplanned delay!), the required technicalities will be moved to that site and I now want to keep my personal blog, well, ‘personal’. First thing occurred is to strip off all the heavy pictures and scripts to increase load time (in Google Chrome, it’s 3 secs now!). So, it’s just a menu on the left and a few paragraphs on the right. Too simple, haan? Am trying to checkout what Leonardo da Vinci quoted. Let’s see!

P.S.: Some pictures in old posts have disappeared (looks like). Do add in a comment to let me know, if you bump into any affected posts. I’ll do my best to restore it.

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