A330 Air France Crash Photos

News about the recent Air France flight crash: Air France Jet Carrying 228 Vanishes Over Atlantic Ocean. Here are a few photos of the rescue operation.

And, the following is a forward I just received:

The two photos posted here were apparently taken by one of the passengers in the B737, just after the collision and before the aircraft crashed. The photos were retrieved from the camera’s memory stick. You will never get to see photos like this. In the first photo, there is a gaping hole in the fuselage through which you can see the tailplane and vertical fin of the aircraft. In the second photo, one of the passengers is being sucked out of the gaping hole.

These photos were found in a digital Casio Z750, amidst the remains in Serra do Cachimbo. Although the camera was destroyed, the Memory Stick was recovered. Investigating the serial number of the camera, the owner was identified as Paulo G. Muller, an actor of a theatre for children known in the outskirts of Porto Alegre. It can be imagined that he was standing during the impact with the Embraer Legacy and during the turbulence, he managed to take these photos, just seconds after the tail loss the aircraft plunged. So the camera was found near the cockpit. The structural stress probably ripped the engines away, diminishing the falling speed, protecting the electronic equipment but not unfortunately the victims. Paulo Muller leaves behind two daughters, Bruna and Beatriz.

Updated 16th June 2009:

The above photographs claimed to have been taken inside the plane just before crash are fake. They actually belong to a TV series The Lost. Look at the video down here and in the last you would see the same screens.

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  1. This was mostly a technical failure

    So far the conclusion drawn goes on a faulty ASI (Airspeed indicator).
    Every Aircraft has a never exceeding speed limit and if a Aircraft reach that speed it would have a major structural damage (like wings breaking apart or the tail section coming off as it’s the weakest part in a aircraft). Looks like, that’s what happen on this flight.

    May be the ASI was showing too low speed and to correct that pilots might be giving more power to the engines. Black box can give the true picture of what happen in the cockpit at that time.
    Collision with another aircraft is ruled out.

    1. Hey, welcome to my blog and thanks for the analysis…

      Am sure you will be following this newsstory very closely. If you get to know any more details, may be you can keep us posted 🙂

  2. looks so scary, this is such a tragedy, but i am a lil doubtful about the pictures, this whole thing about recovering the memory stick, etc doesn’t sound so convincing. After all that mishap and the camera being destroyed, are there any chances for the memory stick to be still accessible? I doubt!

    1. Scary and tragedy, I agree.

      And regarding the pictures, I am not quite sure if these are authentic. However, technically, there ARE slim chances that memory card can be accessed and pictures retrieved. Very rare, slim chances, but yes!

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