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ipodI just read an article in this month’s issue of Reader’s Digest, written by a resident doctor in New York hospital (graduated in Mysore University), and I can’t stop thinking of the revolution these iThings have brought! Yep, iPod is the center of attraction in this so called iWorld, and there are countless (actually, countable, it comes to around 4000, but that’s just an expression [;)]) number of attachments that have changed the lives of millions!

Supposedly, Apple sold it’s 100 millionth iPod on April 09th, but, it doesn’t stop there! There are already the fifth generation iPods on the way (I guess they’re already in the market, but not as popular as shuffle and nano). With upto 80 GB of space, what can you not have on it? Most surprising fact I learned is that many radiologists are using these to store, exchange and manage vast amounts of medical imaging data! (One of the radiologists developed a software OsiriX, distributed free, which helps them to do this in co-ordination with Mac computers). And, in deed, a digital stethoscope-which directly records heartbeats onto an iPod-is already available.

Here are a few more reasons (other than what iPod already is well known for, like music, pictures and videos/ movies, TV programs, podcasts) for my mind is still wandering in this iWorld:

  • English cricketers have used these to prepare for World Cup. Studying clips of their opponents’ bowling techniques, was one of the major objective. They did use PCs earlier, but now, portability is a ‘jumping curve’ advantage!
  • America’s Duke University provides free iPods to students enrolling to certain courses to listen to audio books and download course material. It also enables professors to podcast their lectures.
  • A company called LoPresti Speed Merchants has taken aeronautical iPod integration to a whole new level with its plan to use iPods as flight data recorders (FDRs) in light aircraft.
  • There’s iBed.
  • Um… there’s sport’s kit.
  • Missing iPod in the loo? Here’s one for you!
  • There’s iBuzz! Please don’t click this link if you’re at work 😉 This is a vibrator with “his” and “her” attachments. They’re marketing this as ‘music activated orgasm machine’.
  • And how about iDog, iBrella, iDrops, iBod, iBoxers, and many many more!
  • Not enough? Google ‘iGirl’ and read the blogs that come up!

While you’re still in this iWorld, look at the Top 10 Stangest iPod accessories. I did mention a few above, though!

iNteresting? iNjoy!

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  1. One more thing… if you buy iPod from an Apple Store Online, you can get get your name or any message engraved on it with laser for free!


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