Everything you need to know about beer

I received in email a link to an article published today (Nov 15, 2013), on The Times of India website,  titled ’10 Reasons why beer is not bad for you’.

While it could take 10 minutes for you to read the article (link at the bottom of the post), here are the bullet points to save you some time:

  • Beer drinkers live longer
  • Beer is all-natural
  • Beer is low in calories, low in carbohydrates and has no fat or cholesterol
  • Beer improves your cholesterol
  • Beer helps you chill
  • Beer has plenty o’ B vitamins
  • Beer is safer than water
  • Beer prevents heart attacks
  • Beer fights cancer
  • Beer does not give you a beer belly

I liked the outline. I remember a similar article I read some time ago and in similar lines. So I opened a beer and sat down to understand the good things beer can do to us. And, once done (with the article, not beer), in the mood to know few more interesting facts about beer, did a quick search online. I bumped into few interesting infographics posted by VisualLoop on Pinterest. Here I share a few of those many images with due credit to folks at VisualLoop.

Grab a beer and read on!

24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

24 things you didn't know about beer

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