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If you are like me, a nice photo you clicked on that trip last month would make a wonderful wallpaper. You probably will change wallpapers often too- every week, or every month. Sometimes it’s your kid, sometimes a nice scenic landscape, and other times may be directly from National Geographic newsletter or may be from my Flickr Photostream 😛

Anyways, resizing the photo you clicked to match your screen resolution is step one so that you don’t lose the clarity or portions of the image, or it is not stretched or tiled, which is more often not good. Once this is done, how about adding a small calendar to it?

No applets or desktop widgets (is that what they are called?) and absolutely no installations. I ran into a wonderful online wallpaper utility from Big Huge Labs that lets you to ‘imprint’ the calendar of a month of your choice, along with the resize option to match the screen resolution.

It’s this simple: Upload a photo, select a resolution, choose a month, select a color and position for calendar (top-right for example), ‘create’ the wallpaper and save it.

And for the photo, you can upload one from your computer, or select from the web (Flickr, Photobucket, or any custom URL). If you want to use photos from your own Flickr Photostream, select Flickr. If you want to use someone else’s URL is the option. However, consider the copyright and sharing guidelines before you use somebody else’s work.

Above is a sample that’s on my desktop right now!

Here is the link again: Big Huge Labs Desktop wallpaper with a calendar.

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5 Replies to “Calendar on wallpaper”

  1. Good one !!!
    The pic doesn’t suit the June weather tho 🙂
    You might want to pic a nice summer weather 🙂
    or like school kids getting back with their back pack’s something like that !!!

    1. Yeah. I actually did a bunch of wallpapers at once, one for each month Didn’t keep the weather in mind while ‘alloting’ photos. Just picked some nice ones and this one came for June! 😀

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