The science of self-control: 6 ways to improve your willpower

Buffer published a good post last week and here it is: The science of self-control: 6 ways to improve your willpower.

A good post if you want to read the complete article, or just skim through the list of bold items to get the gist.

Either way, scroll to the bottom of it and check out the video! 🙂

Here is just the video if you’re not interested in the text:

Free Audiobooks and eBooks

Here is a great resource for free audiobooks and eBooks. Audiobooks are an excellent option especially if you have long commute times. Carry a few books on your smartphone/ tab and boredom is a stranger.

Free Audiobooks and eBooks – Librophile.

Librophile helps you browse, listen and download thousands free of audiobooks & eBooks.

What is (beta) offers a simple interface for finding completely legal free audiobooks and eBooks.

How is it a free?

The internet is full of free and legal audiobooks and eBooks but finding them can be hard work. They are here to help by constantly looking for you. maintains an extensive archive of over a million publications and is funded mostly by advertising. Their philosophy is to try their very best to locate a free version for you, however, if there are none then they can often recommend a pay book too.

More Audiobook and eBook resources

List courtesy: Librarian Chick.

  • Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts – About 14,000 classic public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy
  • Alibris – Over 60 million used, new, and out-of-print books
  • Audiobooks – Download 2 free audio books every day
  • AudioBooksForFree – A collection of free children, fiction and non-fiction audiobooks
  • Baen Free Library – A number of Baen Books in electronic format
  • Bartleby – Unlimited access to books and information online free of charge
  • Bibliomania – Thousands of free e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays
  • Blue Rectangle – Quick book reviews by real people on video
  • BookLamp – A service that matches readers to books through an analysis of writing styles
  • BooksInMyPhone – Formatted ebooks that you can read from any java enable mobile phone
  • BooksShouldBeFree – Free MP3 audio books you can browse by category
  • Bookyards – Free books, education materials, information, and content
  • ChestofBooks – Free online books on various topics
  • Classic Short Stories – Dedicated to the short story and to those interested in reading light prose
  • Creative Commons Books – A list of works consisting of over 35,000 words that are or have been commercially available in hardcopy and have an ISBN
  • DailyLit – Too busy for books? Read them by email and RSS
  • Digital Book Index – Provides links to more than 128,000 title records
  • eBook Hood – An online library of electronic books available in various ebook formats
  • Etext Center – Over 2,100 publicly-available ebooks
  • Fairy Tales Collection – A collection of the world’s fairy tales
  • FeedBooks – Made with e-paper devices in mind (Sony PRS-500 & iRex iLiad), Feedbooks is a complete experience for mobile reading
  • Free Books Hub – Download free books for Kindle devices
  • Free Classic AudioBooks – Free audio books in either mp3 format or m4b audio book format
  • Free Curricula Center – Develop and share textbooks, instructor guides, and other educational materials
  • Free Management Library – Complete, highly integrated library for nonprofits and for-profits
  • FullBooks – Thousands of full text free books
  • Getfreeebooks – A site where you can legally download free books
  • Global Text Project – Open content electronic textbooks
  • Gnooks – Discover new writers you will like
  • Google Book Search – Search the full text of books and discover new ones
  • GRE Audio Books – Study for the GRE Literature test with these free audio books
  • HowTo – Access free books, with no registration, no fees, no catch
  • Internet Book List – A comprehensive and easily accessible database of books
  • LearnOutLoud – Over 10,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos
  • Library2Go – Download best selling digital audio titles 24/7
  • Library Connection – Downloadable audio book catalog
  • LibriVox – Free audiobooks from the public domain
  • LiteralSystems – Free human-recorded audiobooks
  • – Free ebooks for your PDA, iPhone, or ebook reader
  • New Free Books – Links to free, legal, complete ebooks still covered by copyright
  • OCLC FictionFinder – Provides access to 2.8 million works of fiction
  • Online Magical Library – A number of ebooks about magic in many cultures
  • O’Reilly Open Books Project – A number of Open Books with various forms of “open” copyright
  • Page By Page Books – Hundreds of classic books you can read right now, all absolutely free
  • Paper Portitude – From the Grimm fairy tales, to the poems of Robert Frost, find your favorite classics here
  • Planet eBook – Free classic literature to download and share
  • PlanetPDF – Free PDF ebooks Archive
  • Project Gutenberg – The oldest producer of free ebooks on the Internet
  • – Explore and utilize this collection of public domain books,poetry, tutorials and audio
  • Rare Book Room – Some of the world’s greatest and rarest books, photographed at high resolution
  • Read Print – Thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast
  • The Assayer – One of the web’s largest catalogs of free books where users can submit reviews
  • The Free Physics Textbook – This site publishes a free physics textbook in a number of different languages
  • The National Academies Press – Read more than 3,000 books online for free
  • The Online Books Page – Listing over 25,000 free books on the Web
  • The Open Library – A project that aims to provide universal access to all knowledge
  • Universal Digital Library – Access to over 1.5 million books online
  • What Should I Read Next – Enter a book you like and this site will suggest what you could read next
  • Whichbook – Gives readers an enjoyable and intuitive way to find books to match their mood
  • Wikibooks – A collection of open-content textbooks
  • World eBook Library – Combined collections create world class Internet public access to over 75,000 free eBooks and eDocuments
  • Yudu – Read and publish magazines, newspapers, ebooks and more online for free

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How to craft your Internet

If you spend more than an hour online everyday, it’s your Internet! You are an active Internet user!! And, that is a very powerful tool!!!

As it is said- “With great power comes great responsibility!” it’s also your responsibility to ‘maintain’ it.  🙂

More than anything, it’s easier than you would think!

I see Internet usage broadly in two ways:

  • Give
  • Take

While most of the Internet users just ‘take’, it’s only fair enough we ‘give’ once in a while.


This is what most of us do everyday; ‘take’ content from the Internet.

  • We login to Gmail, process a few email and sign out.
  • We open a news website and read a few articles.
  • We open YouTube and watch a video or two.
  • We open Facebook and scroll through the feed for an hour.
  • We open Flickr or Picasa and check out a few pictures in an album.
  • We search in Google when we are looking for something and skim through the sites for information.

All these are the ‘consumption’ activities. Users that do just this can also be called as passive users of the Internet (leech might be inappropriate, heh?).

It’s as good as watching a regular TV.

To keep the Internet active, fresh and lively, it’s important we contribute as well. Make it interactive!


It’s possible we contribute at the same time we consume the content from the biggest ever pool of information.

  • Upload pictures of an event/ travel/ pets/ occasions etc., to Photo sharing sites or personal galleries.
  • Upload videos to  YouTube or any other online location and share.
  • Add comments to pictures and videos we watch.
  • Participate in discussions where possible.
  • Interact.
  • Add comments to facebook updates, pictures, videos.
  • Share articles, pictures, videos etc., on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Write blogs, add comments, or share the ones of value.

Unless we add more content and just keep consuming the existing one, the Internet experience eventually becomes stale; a long way to go but still possible.


Along side consuming and contributing to the biggest library ever, we can even ‘fine tune’ the Internet to serve better on what you want/ feel/ need/ like/ prefer etc. Most websites/ tools that we use today use intelligent algorithms. So, our feedback is actually put to use and the content is refined.

I personally think networks like Facebook are a huge hit and addiction because they allow us to consume, contribute and fine tune- all at the same time!

  • When you receive a spam email, mark it as spam instead of just deleting it and moving on. Spam filters learn by your action and do a better job in the future.
  • When you see content on the web that you like, “Like” it if there is an option.
  • When you think some content might be useful to somebody else, do not hesitate to “share” it.
  • Sharing content can be through email, or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Find a balance between creating original content and sharing. When we share too much stuff that is useful to nobody (like a picture with just quotes “Hit Like if you think love is beautiful” or “Hit Like if you think cats are cute”) will make Internet think we are all idiots.
  • We are not idiots; tell Internet that!
  • Share personal experiences, reviews, preferences; as you benefit from other’s content, let others find some content to weigh their options.

Like everything else, there’s a line between doing it and over-doing it. So, of course know how much is too much and consider your privacy preferences before you post your bank statement or bad appraisal letter snapshot on facebook. 😛

If you already ‘contribute’ enough- adda boy! You and I are making Internet a good place! 🙂

If you don’t, and want to, you can start by expressing your thoughts on this very post and/ or by sharing this post with others! 😛

4 TV shows I like

About a month ago, I requested your favorite Telugu TV shows. The idea was to understand the tastes a little, compare the entertainment/ information patterns and conduct a poll to get the creme of the lot.

Well, as there are no responses to help me out, here are the top TV shows I watch and why (not just Telugu). I picked a couple of them and the others just fall into my recently developed TV watching schedule/ time slot.

CNN IBN 8 PM PRIME (English): I actually got Tata Sky for this channel and this news hour. I felt I needed more current affairs and therefore developed the TV watching habit recently. It gives a quick and good round up of events all over India and I like the role it plays in the media unlike the worst-ever news channels AAJ TAK and STAR News.

Andhravani (Telugu): No nonsense, crisp, quick (30 mins), early morning tea-time dose; Telugu round up of local news from Andhra Pradesh. 7.30 am on E TV.

Nat Geo 9 PM (English): I am still not sure of the pattern for 9 PM shows as it appears to address one theme/ kind of programmes every week. Either way, if time permits after my IBN Live 8 PM PRIME, this is what I would like to watch for an hour. The series BIG, Mega Constructions, shows about the mega factories etc are all awesomely good and informative.

Paadutha Teeyaga (Telugu): 9.30 PM on Mondays on E TV,  it’s an hour with Telugu reality show for singers. Again, I like this because of S.P. Balu’s presence of course, but also because it’s unlike many other reality shows, is simple and straightforward. No staged dramas in attempt to tweak the TRP curves.

Sitcoms (English): I watch a good deal of sitcoms, but am not sure if I can add it to the ‘TV Shows’ list. I usually watch the complete season back-to-back and not when it’s telecast on TV. Major shows include: The Big Bang Theory, Two and half men, FRIENDS, 3rd rock from the Sun, That 70’s Show and few adventure series from Discovery Channel.

If you have any recommendations, please add in the comments.

What’s your favorite show on Telugu television?

Please add the television shows you watch regularly, or hate to watch at all in the comments. The idea is to list all the good shows together, and then all the bad shows together and take a poll. A little experiment for ourselves!

For now, the idea is to sort out the Telugu shows only.

Shows can vary from Prime Time news, to reality singing and dancing competitions, to Omkar copycat hybrid hair-pullers, to RK socialite interviews and beyond from all the Telugu Channels.