The science of self-control: 6 ways to improve your willpower

Buffer published a good post last week and here it is: The science of self-control: 6 ways to improve your willpower.

A good post if you want to read the complete article, or just skim through the list of bold items to get the gist.

Either way, scroll to the bottom of it and check out the video! 🙂

Here is just the video if you’re not interested in the text:

Interview with Alfred Hitchcock, BBC, 05/Jul/1964

Alfred Hitchcock

Here are two videos showing Alfred Hitchcock and his view about the cinema. A good watch!

Below are the two videos: Part 1 and Part 2, hosted on YouTube. And, here is the transcript of the interview.

The Hitchcock Wiki has more information about the famous British film director and producer, including a list and info about his works.