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It’s Valentine’s season again! Any food joint, any gathering, party, celebration, can’t ignore that ‘love in the air’ ambience. Happies for those who celebrate/ admire/ love and live it.

Last year I guess, was watching TV all evening on 14th and 15th Feb. Most of the headlines and all news was about the so called anti-Valentine’s Day activists opposing the celebrations. If I remember correctly, a few couples were ‘caught’ moving around and were married then and there! The main reason stated for opposing The Day was it not being part of the Indian culture. Or, I guess they put it as being against the Indian culture. All the famous greeting cards’ shops were smashed and organized V-Day partied were ruined.

I wonder what people really think culture is! Is it a statement written in a book, that should be followed by the society? If yes, who coined those statements? Couldn’t that be just imagination or fiction? That sounds stupid enough. If a statement (fiction/ idea/ imagination) written is followed as culture, why won’t/ shouldn’t the society follow their own stuff (fiction/ ideas/ imaginations etc) instead of following someone else’s?

What I think is different though. Culture is always followed-first, written-later, rather than written-first and followed-later. If all the actions and activities like lifestyle etc. followed by the society are collected and stored, that should be called culture. Not opening a Harry Potter’s book and expecting everyone to dance to the magic wand.

And to those activists: If you think celebrating love before marriage with flowers and chocolates is against the Indian culture (irrespective of how culture is defined/ derived), is marrying them at a traffic junction or Neclace Road is for the culture? If you dare to come out and celebrate your love, do it. If not, am sure you have better things to do in life, than protesting on roads with a color band on your forehead.

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