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current1A typical love story with not so good screenplay. First half went kinda okay with a comedy bit here and there. But second half seemed too long with very slow story movement and quite boring in some instances. There is no consistent comedy to at least keep the audiences gripped. Brahmanandam enters the scenes just before climax, when quite a good percentage of the audiences prepare to leave. Read the storyline in few sentences and you would know.

Sushant falls in love with Sneha at first sight. They happen to go to same college. He instills the feeling of love in her and she finally accepts. He is a live-the-moment guy with no plans for future and no regrets from the past. She is a career oriented and serious-about-life gal. Sneha asks Sushant to meet her father. Charan Raj (father) is not impressed with the lack of goal and seriousness about life attitude. Sneha asks him to change. He denies. They seperate. She requests he do something to take that feeling away from her heart as he started it all (!). Sushanth plans brothel arrest and drunk-on-road feats. Fails. Lot of drama and twists and they unite in the last 30 seconds.

Performances from Sneha, the supporting actor/ actress pair (Kishore/ Geeta) are good. Of course, Tanikella Bharani and Sudha who played Sushant’s parents. Brahmanandam had a very little role and Telangana Shakuntala’s role was for few seconds only. Shakila did make her appearance. And I think (I think) it’s Radio Mirchi RJ Soumya’s voice for supporting actress Geeta, which was very fluent and good. Sushant wasn’t up to the mark. After a while, we couldn’t stand that same expression on screen in all the scenes. I wish there were no close up shots for him.

Sneha on the other hand was good. She looked cute and glamorous in various costumes. She has traces of Aishwarya Rai in almost all the scenes. I liked the comedy with second love story (Kishore/ Geeta) and the ‘gang’ in college.

Music was okay except for a song or so. However, it didn’t feel like the usual Devi Sri Prasad’s contribution. Probably he was trying to match the movie’s overall theme/ performance/ level/ range/ what not.

Verdict: You are better off without watching this movie.

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