Dasavatharam – Director not included

DasavatharamThough a little late – I got a chance to watch the move sometime last month. To sum up – I liked it!

The first 10-15 minutes was very powerful. I wish the complete movie was in the same lines. Except few boring scenes with the ‘longman’ role and stuff here and there, it was engaging. Here and there = scenes with Asin. I think her role has slowed down the movie. The graphics are awesome. I couldn’t believe all that chopper chase scenes were shot in a Chennai studio!

Anyways, am not trying to write a review about the movie. I know am very bad at that. What I am trying to break my head about is this: Normally Tamil movies are better in every aspect compared to the regional movie industries. They are a bit ahead in certain things – be it music, new technology in photography, some innovative stuff/ new experiments etc. Most of the movies that are made in multiple languages like Tamil- Hindi- Telugu are also made in Tamil first; and then dubbed to the other languages.

Now, in spite of all the good stuff, I wonder why the backend crew wants to come on screen! Definitely this is not a new experiment. Ethically (there aren’t any ethics for movie making??), unless a character is not related to the storyline/ plot/ whatever of the movie, it should not be featured on screen. Directors, producers, fathers of heroes, all want to appear on the screen, shake a leg or deliver a dialogue and show off. Damn!

I am sure I wasn’t expecting the Director (Ravi?) to dance for the track ‘Come daaance with meee befooore you goooo” in Dasavatharam! And I first observed this trend in the worst movie I ever witnessed – hero’s father dances for a couple of lines with heroines in the middle of the movie and says some mass dialogue, guess it is a hi or hello! At least for Dasavatharam, as the track is the last bit of the movie, excused, we’ll call it a bonus track. No explanation found for Vallabha!!!

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  1. I didn’t watch the movie but heard it’s good…after reading ur review I think I should def watch it…but your pointer at the director appearing in the song is nothing new I should say..eni movies lo chodaledhu, Ramanaidu gives an appearance in someway or the other..so don’t blame poor Ravi..

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