Deals & Coupons – India

What is Deals & Coupons – India?

This is an initiative to scout for discounts,  offers, deals and coupons for online shoppers in India. We’ll keep an eye on your favorite online stores/ shopping websites for the irresistible offers and share the news with you.

How will this help you?

Check for a deal before you pay retail. If a commodity you’re planning to buy is available at a less price than retail, why pay more, online or offline? We’re online, full time, scouting for such deals; so that you don’t have to invest your valuable time in searching.

Who’s running this initiative?

Right now, this is a one-woman enterprise; my wife is doing all the operational work. I help her with few ideas/ setup here’n’there. If you find the information provided helpful, and use the shopping leads she provides extensively, she might form a team.

WIIFM – What’s in it for me/ us?

Some of the discounts, offers, deals and coupons are created through affiliate links. So, when you like an offer and make a purchase through the link Deals & Coupons – India provides, we’ll get a small percentage from your transaction.

How much extra do you pay when you purchase through these links Deals & Coupons – India provides?


You pay the retail price minus the discount offer. So, you’re at an advantage as you enjoy the discount! Albeit for few sites/ offers, our commission comes from the shopping website and therefore adds absolutely no overhead to you.

What can you do to be in the loop and hear about new discounts, offers, deals and coupons in time?

  1. The offers are shared on the Facebook Page. So, ‘like’ the page. Follow the feed. Share the deals if you think any of your friends are interested.
  2. This blog is updated with the discounts, offers, deals and coupons. So, please visit this blog.
  3. Purchase through the links provided to avail discounts. This will help us track how useful the offers are and of course, get us a small commission where applicable. This fee is what keeps us going and growing.
  4. Yet to kick-off: Information through email; placing requests through online ticketing system; Google+, etc.

And … ?

‘Like’ this page if you haven’t already done so: Deals & Coupons – India on facebook. Share this page on your timeline and encourage your friends and family to get on the bandwagon.

Let’s do this!

And here is 9 secs fun from Seinfeld, for reading through to the end. 🙂

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