It’s very common to include a disclaimer in an email sent from a corporate domain. Well, the main reason is legal, just in case (apart from other reasons which I am barely aware of). I found this one in a similar context, a very generic one. Most corporates use one very similar to this, if not the same:

disclaimerThis email is sent in confidence for the addressee only. Unauthorized recipients must preserve this confidentiality and should please advise the sender immediately by returning the original email to us without reading it, taking a copy or disclosing it to anyone else. Please also destroy and delete the email from your computer.

However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the ‘common sense’ in using something like this. This is included at the bottom of the email, which means, by the time this is read, the recipient DID read the complete message. And yet the disclaimer includes: “…by returning the original email to us without reading it…”

By the way, I do it too! Adding to the irony, font size reduced to 80% of the email text size. Man, this is a funny world we’re in!

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