Eivom Vallabha

Not a new terminology in industry! I have just written the term right-to-left. Well, that’s how I feel after watching the movie ‘Vallabha’. I don’t want to exaggerate, but it’s the worst movie I ever came across till now. The storyline is like this: wait, there is no story in there 🙁 Hm… music? Well, there is one track (of 6 or 7 tracks with just noise and no music) with not-so-bad music but lyrics go like this: Vallabha, O Vallabha, mellaga yedha gillava… (read it in telugu). So, you decide!

Now, am seriously trying to recollect my enemies, if any. A copy of this movie (DVD, VCD, Audio CD, whatever!) as a present could be the highest intensity of revenge I can ever take on them!

Seriously. Won’t people have a look at the movie atleast once before releasing it to general public? Huh! I should say that this one piece of crap effectively ruined my entire weekend and my perspective of a movie. I’ll probably need to watch a dozen Oscar nominees to accept the fact that ‘movies are for entertainment’! Wish me luck!

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  1. Vivek…ee thread nenu ippude choosaa….Infact, nenu ee movie download chesi chooddaam anukuntunnaa…and just appude choosaa…thanks for the review dear…
    Ilaage release ayye movies annee choosi review isthe memu manchi movies select chesukuni choosthaam….what do u say ?

  2. Edo oka time lo movie asalu enduku teesado chinna clue dorukutundemo nanna chinni asha nayana… Motham ayye daka choosanu… no clue!


  3. Vivie..

    By reading vivee’s comment This move should be sent to Oscar.. It would win the award..

    “The Worst move of the year”

    Wat do you say vivee..

    Did you watch complete movie?

  4. Matter ikkada 400 Rs. kadu Rekha. Oka weekend antha nashanam chesukunnanu… Plus, asalu eadaina movie choodalante kasta bayam pattukundi 🙁

    Poor me!

  5. Paapm bali ayyava vivek…nayam nenu bagundhemo tamil version chodoam anukunna tahks for teh review…u save 400 rs for us

  6. “nice happened aa”… First gift VCD neeke po! hehehe…

    Inka tappettu ledu… Anni seasons oka sari chooste kani manasshanti dorike la ledu… 🙂

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